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Limited liability company
Industry Immigration
Founded November 15, 2005 (2005-11-15)[1]
Headquarters Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Number of locations
Canada, India
Area served
Key people
Michael Hajek (owner)
Services Immigration advice

CanadaUpdates is a Canadian registered LLC and website, which provides information to those who wish to immigrate to Canada.

The company also provides assistance for immigrants under the United States Green Card procedure,[2] as well advice for those wishing immigrate to the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.[3]


Formed as an LLC and launched as a blog in 2005, CanadaUpdates was relaunched by owner Michael Hajek as a one-stop detailed information and news portal about various aspects of immigration services,[4] to aid the potential immigrants to Canada in gaining knowledge about the process of immigration before they plan to move. Since this time, the services from the owning LLC have expanded to include immigration assistance and form completion, together with the opening of a second office in Mohali, Chandigarh, India in May 2008. The result is that CanadaUpdates is one of the leading information portals for immigrants to Canada.[5][6][7]


CanadaUpdates operates from offices in Surrey, British Columbia, with a secondary support offices located in Mohali, and Gurgaon, India.

Via the website, relaunched in 2012,[8] CanadaUpdates provides coverage of various types of news related to Canadian immigration.[5][9][10] Some of the most popular news sections are the health and lifestyle of immigrants in different nations and their comparison with their natives,[11][12] as well as job scenarios and opportunities in different nations.[13][14] The site also carries a section dedicated to the latest announcements made by different immigration departments,[15] and summaries regarding any changes in immigration laws and rules.[6][16] CanadaUpdates opened their Facebook page in November 2011.[17]

Via the owning LLC, CanadaUpdates provides its clientele with immigration application assistance,[16] having helped numerous Canadian visa applicants from almost every nation on the globe.[5][6][7] The company now also provides assistance for immigrants under the United States Green Card procedure,[2] as well as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.[3]

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