Canada Business Corporations Act

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Canada Business Corporations Act
An Act respecting Canadian business corporations
Citation Canada Business Corporations Act, RSC 1985 c C-44
Enacted by Parliament of Canada
Date assented to 24 March 1975[1]

The Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) is a Canadian law regulating Canadian business corporations. Corporations in Canada can choose to incorporate federally, under the CBCA, or provincially under a similar provincial law.


The Canada Business Corporations Act was based on the Dickerson Report.[2]

The CBCA provides the basic corporate governance framework for many small and medium-sized Canadian enterprises as well as many of the largest corporations operating in Canada. Nearly 235,000 companies are incorporated under the CBCA, including over 700 distributing or publicly held corporations. CBCA corporations make up approximately 50 percent of Canada's largest business corporations.[3]

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