Canada General Service Medal

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Canada General Service Medal
Canada General Service Medal, awarded to Pte. Allan Poyntz Patrick, Queen's Own Rifles, for the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870 - Glenbow Museum - DSC00634.JPGCanada General Service Medal, 1870 reverse.jpg
Obverse and reverse of medal
Awarded by Canada
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility Imperial and Canadian forces
Awarded for Campaign service.
Description Silver disk 36 mm wide
  • FENIAN RAID 1866
  • RED RIVER 1870
  • FENIAN RAID 1870
Established 1899
Total awarded 16,668 [1]
Canada General Service Medal BAR.svg
Ribbon: 32mm: Three equal stripes of red-white-red

The Canada General Service Medal was a campaign medal awarded by the Canadian Government[2] to both Imperial and Canadian forces for duties related to the Fenian raids between 1866 and 1871.[3] The medal was not issued until 1899 and had to be applied for.[1] The period for applying for the medal was later extended to 1907, and then to 1928.[2]

With late applications, approximately 16,668 medals were awarded , including 15,300 to members of Canadian units.[1]

The obverse of the medal bears the head of Queen Victoria with the legend VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX, while the reverse depicts the red ensign of Canada surrounded by a wreath of maple leaves with the word CANADA above.[1]


The medal was always awarded with a clasp, with 20 medals awarded with all three clasps.[2] The number of clasps indicated below includes those that appear on multi-clasp medals.

For services related to the Fenian raids of 1866.[1] 8,591 clasps were awarded.[2]
For services related to the suppression of the Red River Rebellion.[1] 8,606 clasps were awarded.[2]
For services related to the Fenian raids of 1870.[1] 565 clasps were awarded.[2]


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