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The Canada Media Fund (CMF, French: Fonds des médias du Canada - FMC) is a merger of the Canadian Television Fund ("CTF") and the Canada New Media Fund, and opened its doors April 1, 2010. The CMF is an entity created by the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Canadian Cable Industry, although it is not a government agency, it is a public-private partnership,.[1] While policy, research and communications rest with the CMF, the day-to-day administration of applications rests with a separate entity, that of the CMF Program Administrator (Telefilm Canada).[2]


The creation of the Canada Media Fund was announced by Minister of Heritage, James Moore in a speech given on March 9, 2009.

Television series[edit]

Programs produced in association with CMF/FMC include:

Video games[edit]

Video games produced in association with CMF/FMC include:


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