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This article is about the office/retail complex in Toronto. For the square in London, see Canada Square.
A portion of the Canada Square complex

Canada Square is a complex of three interconnected office buildings located at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, including a small shopping concourse and a multiplex cinema.

The complex's largest tenant is Canadian Tire, which has its corporate offices in two of the buildings (it is not a retail location).


2200 Yonge Street[edit]

2200 Yonge Street was built in 1962 with 17 floors and 259,397 square feet (24,099 m2) of space. It is located directly over the TTC's Eglinton subway station and has connecting passages to the station as well as to the Yonge Eglinton Centre across the street.

Major tenants:

2190 Yonge Street[edit]

2190 Yonge Street was built in 1987 with 6 floors and 151,021 square feet (14,030 m2) of space.

Major tenants:

2180 Yonge Street[edit]

2180 Yonge Street was built in 1972 with 18 floors and 402,277 square feet (37,373 m2) of space.

Major tenants include:

Coordinates: 43°42′26″N 79°23′57″W / 43.707245°N 79.39903°W / 43.707245; -79.39903