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Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame

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Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame
PurposeHall of Fame

The Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame (French: Temple canadien de la renommée agricole) honours and celebrate Canadians who have made outstanding contributions to the agriculture and food industry and publicizes the importance of their achievements throughout Canada.

Inaugurated in 1960 and located in Toronto, Ontario, the temple is currently administered by an association comprising a board of 12 directors; 3 each from Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Ontario and the rest of the country.[1][2]


Since 1960, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto has been home to the gallery where the association displays portraits of its inductees along with their biographical notes. The gallery is open to the public during the fair in November but can only be visited by appointment during the rest of the year. In 1995-1996, the gallery moved to a more permanent home at the National Trade Center.[1]

Induction Ceremony[edit]

The association chooses at the most three inductees each year for all the nominations is receives. During the November Agricultural Fair in Toronto, an induction dinner and portrait unveiling ceremony is held where the life and accomplishments of the year's inductees are celebrated.[1]

Notable Inductees[edit]

Name Year of induction Province
John Edward Brownlee 1963 Alberta
Patrick Burns 1963 Alberta
Ross Butler 1997 Ontario
Robert Bertram Church 1991 Alberta
Keith Downey 2002 Ontario
Ernest Charles Drury 1971 Ontario
John Dryden 1963 Ontario
Christian Jensen 1962 Alberta
James Garfield Gardiner 1962 Saskatchewan
Adélard Godbout 1962 Quebec
Harry Hays 1983 Alberta
George Stewart Henry 1963 Ontario
Thomas Laird Kennedy 1962 Ontario
Charles Mayer 2005 Manitoba
Duncan McNab McEachran 1961 Quebec
James Duncan McGregor 1961 Manitoba
Archibald J. McLean 1963 Alberta
Dr. Ernest Mercier 1991 Quebec
William Richard Motherwell 1962 Saskatchewan
Robert R. Ness 1962 Quebec
Daniel Edward Riley 1965 Alberta
Charles E. Saunders 1987 Ontario
Donald Shaver 1986 New Brunswick
Walter Russell Shaw 1980 Prince Edward Island
Cyril Sherwood 1986 New Brunswick
Baldur R. Stefansson 2002 Manitoba
William Atcheson Stewart 1988 Ontario
Lyle Vanclief 2014 Ontario
Eugene Whelan 2001 Ontario
Charles Ambrose Zavitz 1974 Ontario

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