Canadian Alliance of Student Associations

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Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
Canadian Alliance of Student Associations logo.png
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Established 1995
Members 22 (280,000 students)[1]
Executive Director Jonathan Champagne

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is a federally focused student advocacy organization. CASA currently has 22 members, who represent approximately 280,000 students. CASA works towards a accessible, affordable and high-quality post-secondary education system whose students enjoy an excellent quality of life.[2]


History CASA's origins can be traced to the first Winds of Change conference hosted by the University of Alberta in 1990. In what would become an annual meeting, student leaders from across the country were invited to come together to discuss challenges facing post-secondary education students in Canada.

In 1993 the federal government announced that all of Canada's social programs would be reviewed with sweeping and significant changes likely to come which prompted several student unions not affiliated with the CFS to try to organize efforts to lobby the federal government on education issues.

In 1994, as the result of a conference held at Carleton University, a number of student leaders decided to form a new Canadian post-secondary student organization. The foundations for the new organization were laid down, and the framework for a constitution was built upon it.

CASA was incorporated June 27, 1995. CASA currently has members in seven provinces and represents undergraduate, graduate, college and polytechnic students.

Founding principles[edit]

Values • CASA will focus exclusively on post-secondary and student related issues • CASA will remain a strictly non-partisan organization • CASA will be member-driven, with opportunities for all members to contribute to and be heard by the organization • CASA will have a membership structure that will remain easy to join and easy to leave


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