Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre

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Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre
Centre d'instruction supérieure de l'Armée canadienne
Country Canada
BranchCanadian Army
TypeInstructional school
RoleCentre of excellence for Canadian Forces parachuting program and unique environment soldiering/advanced warfare skill sets
SizeHQ Coy, Parachute Training Coy, Advanced Mobility Coy, Support Coy
Part ofCombat Training Centre
Garrison/HQCFB Trenton, Ontario
Motto(s)Ex Coelis
LCol Loïc Darras (PPCLI)

The Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre (CAAWC, French: Centre d'instruction supérieure de l'Armée canadienne) is a Canadian Forces training facility located at CFB Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

In June–August 2013 the Advanced Warfare Centre was renamed from Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre (CFLAWC). Before CFLAWC, it was formerly known as the Canadian Parachute Centre (CPC) since 1996, and traces its lineage from the Canadian Airborne Centre (CABC), which was located at Canadian Forces Base Edmonton until 1996. It was renamed and its mandate expanded to become a "centre of excellence" for advanced war-fighting skills for the Canadian Army.

CAAWC is designated as the army centre of excellence for static-line round, static-line square and military free-fall parachuting, and it teaches basic, jump master and instructor courses in each sub-set of parachuting. Equally important, within its mission are: the Arctic operations advisor, basic/advanced mountain operations, helicopter insertion instructor, helicopter operations, and aerial delivery courses. The centre is also responsible for the Canadian Forces Pathfinder course (the future of which is under review).

CAAWC comprises Headquarters Company, Parachute Training Company, Advanced Mobility, and Support Company (which supports all CAAWC training and also acts as the Canadian Forces Parachute Depot).

The centre sends members of its staff on international courses to learn best practices from allied nations and develop them into specialists and maintains a capability in desert, jungle, and amphibious warfare. A mutual parachute instructor exchange occurs throughout the year with the United States Army Airborne School to foster the relationship between Canadian and US forces.

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Canadian Forces Parachute Demonstration Team: the SkyHawks[edit]

The SkyHawks Parachute Team is a sub-subunit of CAAWC, which conducts parachute demonstration and relative canopy work at airshows and special events worldwide.

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