Canadian Association of Research Libraries

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Canadian Association of Research Libraries
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PresidentJonathan Bengtson, University of Victoria
309 Cooper Street, Suite 203, Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada
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The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) was established in 1976 and brings together thirty-one research libraries. Twenty-nine members are university libraries, plus Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and the National Research Council Canada National Science Library (NSL).[1]

Mission and objectives[edit]

"CARL provides leadership on behalf of Canada's research libraries and enhances capacity to advance research and higher education. It promotes effective and sustainable knowledge creation, dissemination, and preservation, and public policy that enables broad access to scholarly information."[2]

Strategic Directions for May 2016 to May 2019:

  • Advancing Research
  • Strengthening Capacity
  • Measuring Impact
  • Influencing policy.[3]

CARL members[edit]

CARL members include 29 university libraries and 2 federal libraries.

Participating university libraries:

Federal libraries:

Partnership and collaboration[edit]

CARL works with a number of other organizations, including:

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