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A former Bank of Commerce in Toronto
Bank of Commerce in Regina, 1910
This Bank of Commerce building in Toronto was the head office from 1930 to 1961

The Canadian Bank of Commerce was a Canadian bank cofounded in 1867 by William McMaster. The Canadian Bank of Commerce opened in Toronto with a charter in 1866 that it purchased from the defunct Bank of Canada, which folded in 1858. [1] The Canadian Bank of Commerce branch built at Darling and Pearson, Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1910 in beaux-arts classicism indicates the financial dominance of Winnipeg, among prairie cities.[2]

It merged with the Imperial Bank of Canada in 1961 to form the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.[3]

During World War I, staff from the Canadian Bank of Commerce enlisted in the war effort. Staff enlistment was the following:

A memorial on the East and West Memorial Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario is dedicated to the memory of 1701 Men of the Canadian Bank of Commerce who served in the First World War[4] A War Memorial at Commerce Court in Toronto, Ontario commemorates their service.


The following are on the Registry of Historical Places of Canada.


The Canadian Bank of Commerce grew through acquisitions of other banks in Canada:[14]

  • Gore Bank Formed in 1836 and merged with the Commerce in 1870.
  • Merchants Bank of Prince Edward Island Formed Oct 6, 1871 [16]and merged with the Commerce in 1906.
  • The Standard Bank of Canada (changed to St Lawrence Bank 1872-1876) Formed in 1876 and merged with the Commerce in 1928.

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