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The Canadian Centenary Series is a nineteen volume authoritative history of Canada published between 1963 and 1986 as an extended Canadian Centennial project. The collection resulted from the initiative of W. L. Morton and D. G. Creighton.

The series traces Canada's history from the early voyages of the Vikings to the 1967 Canadian Centennial year. Individual volumes are written by leading Canadian historians and each contains a bibliography. Universities worldwide consider this collection to be the appropriate starting point for any research in Canadian history.

The Canadian Centenary Series[edit]

  1. Early Voyages and Northern Approaches, 1000-1632 - Tryggvi J. Oleson
  2. The Beginnings of New France, 1524-1663 - Marcel Trudel
  3. Canada Under Louis XIV, 1663-1701 - William John Eccles
  4. New France, 1701-1744: A Supplement to Europe - Dale Miquelon
  5. New France: The Last Phase, 1744-1760 - George F. G. Stanley
  6. Quebec, The Revolutionary Age 1760-1791 - Hilda Neatby
  7. Upper Canada: The Formative Years 1784-1841 - Gerald M. Craig
  8. Lower Canada, 1791-1840: Social Change and Nationalism - Fernand Ouellet
  9. The Atlantic Provinces: The Emergence of Colonial Society, 1712-1857 - William Stewart MacNutt
  10. The Union of the Canadas: The Growth of Canadian Institutions, 1841-1857 - J. M. S. Careless
  11. The Fur Trade and the Northwest to 1857 - Edwin Ernest Rich
  12. The Critical Years: The Union of British North America, 1857-1873 - William Lewis Morton
  13. The Opening of the Canadian North, 1870-1914 - Morris Zaslow
  14. Canada 1874-1896: Arduous Destiny - Peter Busby Waite
  15. Canada, 1896-1921: A Nation Transformed - Robert Craig Brown and Ramsay Cook
  16. Canada 1922-1939: Decades of Discord - John Herd Thompson
  17. The Forked Road: Canada, 1939-1957 - Donald Creighton
  18. Canada 1957-1967: The Years of Uncertainty and Innovation - Jack Granatstein
  19. The Northward Expansion of Canada 1914-1967 - Morris Zaslow