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Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) is a professional association of film editors, founded in 2007.[1] The non-profit organization promotes picture editing in television, film and new media.

2015 C.C.E Award Winners[edit]

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Factual/Reality Jonathan Dowler, Al Manson, Kyle Martin, Ben O’Neil, Steve Taylor – The Amazing Race

Best Editing in Short Film Adam Locke-Norton – Entangled

Best Editing in a Web Series Geoff Ashenhurst – Whatever Linda – No Boys Allowed

Best Editing in Animation Jamie Ebata & Dan Lee – The Day My Butt Went Psycho – Ep23

Best Editing in Half Hour James Bredin, C.C.E. – Schitt’s Creek – Don’t Worry It’s His Sister Matthew Hannam, C.C.E. – Sensitive Skin Ep106

Best Editing in TV Movie or Mini-Series Kye Meechan – The Book of Negroes Ep1

Best Editing in Feature Film Matthew Hannam, C.C.E. – James White

Best Editing in Documentary Ricardo Acosta, C.C.E. – Marmato

Best Editing in Television Drama Christopher Donaldson, C.C.E. – Penny Dreadful Ep105 Closer Than Sisters

Student Merit Award Mitch Theriault, Sheridan College - “Battles And Brotherhood”

Lifetime Achievement Award Alan Collins, C.C.E.

2014 C.C.E Award Winners[edit]

Best Editing in Feature Length Matthew Hannam – “Enemy”

Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series Gareth C. Scales, C.C.E. – “What Remains”

Best Editing in Long Form Television Series Stephen Lawrence, C.C.E. – “Orphan Black, Episode 103”

Best Editing in Half Hour Broadcast Short Form Jay Prychidny – “The Next Step, Ep 30 Winner Takes All”

Best Editing in Documentary Mark Ratzlaff – “Blood Relative”

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality/Factual Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves – “Jonathan Toews, Every Picture Tells A Story”

Best Editing in Animation Paul Hunter – “The Nut Job”

Best Editing in Short FIlm Erin Deck – “Sunday Punch”

Best Editing in Any Live Action Web Series Michael Doherty, C.C.E. – “Darknet, Episode 101”

Lifetime Achievement Award Debra Karen

Student Merit Awards Walter Woodman, Ryerson University – “Noah” Ray Savaya, Sheridan College – “Walk the Moon” Mark Fifield, Humber College – “Rosbilt” Daniel Haack, Ryerson University – “Bridges” Angelica Falco, Sheridan College – “Anatomy of a Sunbeam”

2013 C.C.E. Award Winners[edit]

Best Editing in Feature length Roderick Deogrades – “Still Mine”

Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series Ron Wisman Sr., C.C.E. – “An Officer and a Murderer”

Best Editing in Long Form Television Series – (1 hour drama, comedy, family program) Stephen Lawrence, C.C.E. – “The Transporter, Episode 112: Trojan Horsepower”

Best Editing in 1/2 hour Broadcast Short Form Charles Robichaud – “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Episode: Uncle Howie”

Best Editing in Documentary Nick Hector, C.C.E. – “Echoes”

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality Al Flett and Erin Cummings – “Ice Pilots, Episode 406: Crash Landing”

Best Editing in Animation Kurt Skyers and Joycelyn Poon – “Babar and the Adventures of Badou, Episode: Babar the Pirate / Stripes vs. Scales”

Best Editing in Short film Bryan Atkinson – “Night Light”

Best Editing in Any Live Action Web Series (Comedy or Drama)Anthony K. Baird and Thom Smalley – “Guidestones, Episode 30: Market Collapse”

Lifetime Achievement Awards Ralph Brunjes, C.C.E. Kelly Smith, C.C.E. (Posthumous) Rik Morden, C.C.E. (Posthumous)

Student Merit Awards Haya Waseem, Sheridan College – “Mimos” Mitch Spicer, Vancouver Film School – “Captive” Roxana Perez Fernandez, Vancouver Film School – “Fish Can Fly” Matt Yim, University of Regina – “April Doesn’t Hurt Here” Jon Anctil, Capilano University – “Marathon” Zhengwei Chen, Fanshawe College – “Gossip” Jason O’Hara, Ryerson University – “Demur”

2012 C.C.E. Award Winners[edit]

Best Editing in a 1 Hour Television Series Teresa De Luca, C.C.E. (Combat Hospital Ep 110 "Reason to Believe")

Best Editing in Feature Length Dramatic Roger Mattiussi, C.C.E. (Afghan Luke)

Best Editing in Broadcast Half Hour Drama Brigitte Rabazo (Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Ep. 206 "Fisting Fantasy")

Best Editing in a Documentary Michele Hozer, C.C.E. (West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson)

Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series Don Cassidy, C.C.E. (The Kennedys Ep. 4 "Broken Promises and deadly Barriers")

Best Editing in Lifestyle / Reality Jonathan Dowler (Undercover Boss Canada Ep. 1003 "1-800 GOT JUNK")

Best Editing in Animation Kurt Skyers & Robert Henry (Scaredy Squirrel Ep. 22 "Perfect Pickle / Goat police")

Best Editing in a Short Film Michelle Szemberg (Business Ethics)

Lifetime Achievement Awards George Appleby, C.C.E. Ron Wisman, C.C.E.

2011 C.C.E. Award Winners[edit]

Best Editing in Feature Length Dramatic Michele Conroy, C.C.E. Splice

Best Editing in MOW or Mini-series Mike Lee, C.C.E. Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story

Best Editing in One hour Broadcast Long Form Dramatic Lisa Grootenboer, C.C.E. The Tudors Episode 405 “Bottom of the Pot”

Best Editing in Half-hour Broadcast Short Form Dramatic David B. Thompson, C.C.E. Living in Your Car Episode 101

Best Editing in Documentary Nick Hector, C.C.E. Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality Jay Prychidny & Jeff Reynolds Canada's Next Top Model Episode 308 "Rockin' The Runway"

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality Jeff Reynolds & Jay Prychidny Canada's Next Top Model Episode 308 "Rockin' The Runway"

Best Editing in Animation Annellie Samuel Producing Parker Episode 120 “How Green Is My Parker”

Best Editing in Short Film Roderick Deogrades The Day I Thought I Died

Student Merit Awards Deborah Gurofsky We Make Machines Queens University Lauren Horn Two Cities Sheridan College Cameron Nixdorf Sasha York University Ernesto Sosa Lopez Kilometres York University


Editors are voted into Full Membership based on the following criteria: the quality of their achievements, their passion to the craft of editing and education of the craft to peers and students. Full Members must be sponsored by at least 2 current Full Members. A jury of peers votes on the application, based on a minimum of 60 hours of edited work and overall quality. Successful applicants may use the designation C.C.E. after their name.

Full Members (as of 2010)

Dean Balser, Mike Banas, Michael John Bateman, James Bredin, Ralph Brunjes, Don Cassidy, Michele Conroy, Jean Coulombe, Paul Day, Michael Doherty, Daria Ellerman, Alison Grace, Lisa Grootenboer, Cathy Gulkin, Wendy Hallam Martin, Teresa Hannigan, Nick Hector, James Ilecic, Thomas Joerin, Mike Lee, Allan Lee, Peter F. Light, Susan Maggi, Roger Mattiussi, Lara Mazur, Gordon McClellan, Jane Morrison, tein Myhrstad, Michael Pacek, Mark Sanders, Ronald Sanders, Richard Schwadel, Susan Shipton,

Associate Members must show an interest in the craft of editing and have three professional references.
Student Members must be full-time students.

Educational programs and events[edit]

The CCE offers workshops in conjunction with the Chang School of Continuing Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[7]

A mentorship program allows full-time students the opportunity to observe editors for two weeks, ideally observing the cutting of dailies as well as a director or producer cut.

The CCE regularly holds panel discussions and screenings to educate regarding new Post Production issues, and to promote editing as a primary creative force in television and film. Panels have included discussion of the RED camera and how it affects Post Production, the role of Post Production Supervisor (panelists included Gregor Hutchison, Rachel Sutherland, Adam Roberts, Doug Wilkinson, Julie Lawrence and Gary Mueller), and sound editing. Screenings, followed by questions and answers time with the editor include "Dead Ringers" (editor Ron Sanders, C.C.E.), "Cairo Time" (editor Teresa Hannigan, C.C.E.) and "District 9" (editor Julian Clarke, C.C.E.).

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