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Coordinates: 49°17′5.93″N 123°7′23.86″W / 49.2849806°N 123.1232944°W / 49.2849806; -123.1232944

Canadian College
Institution: College
Type: Private
Founded: 2008
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
President: Mr. James Clark

Canadian College is a private college in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

School Information[edit]

  • School Environment: Downtown
  • Building: Private college in Vancouver Downtown with 5-floors and 30 classrooms in total.
  • Member of: PCTIA, FITT, AH&LA American Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Staff and Advisors: 15 full-time (some of the languages covered: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Russian, German, Turkish, etc.)
  • Teachers: 5 full-time


  • Computer Labs: 25 computers.
  • Other Facilities: Rooftop garden patio on 5th floor. Student Restaurant & Pub "eh! restaurant". Lunch & Rest areas throughout the school, Big Screen TV, Microwaves, Public Phones, Student Counselling Room, and Wheelchair friendly access.
  • Nearby Facilities: Coffee/Light Snack Shops; Convenience Stores; Indoor Gym/Sports Facilities; Restaurants; Drug Store; Gift Shops; Park; Beaches; Hotels and Residences.

Program Information[edit]

  • Courses: Business Management Diploma Co-op, International Trade Diploma Co-op, Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op, Project Management Diploma Co-op, Information Technology Diploma Co-op.
  • Admission Requirements: High School Diploma, High School Completion Certificate, or equivalent. TOEFL 530, iBT 70, or IELTS 5.5 or TOEIC 750.
  • Number of students per class: MIN(8); MAX(15); AVE(13)

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