Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities

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The Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (TRAN) is a committee in the House of Commons of Canada. It focuses on transport, infrastructure and communities. Before the 39th Parliament (2006-2008), the committee was known as just the Standing Committee on Transport.



Party Member District
  Liberal Peter Schiefke, Chair Vaudreuil—Soulanges, QC
  Liberal Vance Badawey Niagara Centre, ON
  Liberal Sean Fraser Central Nova, NS
  Liberal Ken Hardie Fleetwood—Port Kells, BC
  Liberal Angelo Iacono Alfred-Pellan, QC
  Liberal Gagan Sikand Mississauga—Streetsville, ON
  Conservative Luc Berthold, Vice-Chair Mégantic—L'Érable, QC
  Conservative Kelly Block Carlton Trail—Eagle Creek, SK
  Conservative Alain Rayes Richmond—Arthabaska, QC
  New Democratic Robert Aubin, Vice-Chair Trois-Rivières, QC


  • Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedure (STRA)

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