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Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc.
Industry Electricity generation
Fate Acquired
Defunct 2009 (2009)
Headquarters Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Key people
Kent Brown, Chief Executive Officer
Products Electricity
Revenue Increase63 million USD (2007)[1]
Decrease8 million USD (2007)[1]
Number of employees
150 (2009)[1]

Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. was a Canadian company that operated 12 hydroelectric power sites, eight wind power sites and one biomass power site in Canada.

Canadian Hydro was founded by two brothers John and Ross Keating with Jack McCleary. In 1989 Canadian Hydro had secured $1.3 million in equity and a contract with TransAlta to build three small run-of-river facilities. Revenue from these plants were then used in part to finance the future plants.

In January 2005 the firm bought Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC).

In December 2006 the firm bought Vector Wind Energy[2] which has over 13 projects either built or in the process as of 2007.[3]

Announced in February 2007 (and finalized in March) the firm bought GW Power Corporation.[4]

In December 2009 TransAlta acquired Canadian Hydro Developers at $5.25 cash per share.

Generating facilities[edit]

All facilities are owned by Canadian Hydro Developers.

Name Location Fuel Units net capacity (Date) Capacity (net MW) Link
Akolkolex Revelstoke, British Columbia Hydro
  • (1995)
Appleton Appleton, Ontario Hydro
  • Run-of-river (1994)
Belly River Glenwood, Alberta Hydro
  • Run-of-river (1991)
Cowley North Pincher Creek, Alberta Wind power
  • 15 Nordex N60 1.3 MW turbines (2001)
19.5 MW
Cowley Ridge Pincher Creek, Alberta Wind power
  • 52 Kenetech 33M-VS (360 kW) (1999)
  • 5 Kenetech 33M-VS (375 kW) (2000)
21.4 MW
Galetta Galetta, Ontario Hydro
  • (1907)
Grande Prairie Grande Prairie, Alberta Biomass
  • (2003)
25 MW
Melancthon I Shelburne, Ontario Wind power 67.5 MW
Melancthon II Shelburne, Ontario Wind power
  • 88 GE 1.5 MW turbines (October 30, 2008)
132 MW
Misema Cobalt, Ontario Hydro
  • 2.3 MW (2003)
Moose Rapids Sudbury, Ontario Hydro
  • Run-of-river (1997)
Pingston Revelstoke, British Columbia Hydro
  • Two turbines (2003)
  • One turbine (2004)
Ragged Chute Cobalt, Ontario Hydro
  • Run-of-river (1991)
Sinnott Wind Plant Pincher Creek, Alberta Wind power
  • 5 Nordex N60 1.3 MW turbines (2001)
6.5 MW
St. Mary St. Mary, Alberta Hydro
  • Run-of-river
Taylor Magrath, Alberta Hydro
  • Run-of-river
Taylor Wind Plant Magrath, Alberta Wind power
  • 9 Kennetech 375 kW turbines (2004)
3.4 MW
Upper Mamquam Squamish, British Columbia Hydro
  • operational in 2005
25 MW
Wolfe Island Wind Project Wolfe Island, Ontario Wind power
  • 86 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines (2005)
197.8 MW
Waterton Waterton, Alberta Hydro
  • Run-of-river (1992)
Soderglen Soderglen, Alberta Wind power
  • 47x GE 1.5 MW [5]

(From GWP Merger - Feb/Mar 2007)

70.5 MW


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