Canadian Institute of Technology

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Canadian Institute of Technology
Institut Canadien de Technologie
Instituti Kanadez i Teknologjisë.svg
MottoInstitute of Knowledge and Creativity
PresidentDr. H. Hmem

The Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) (Albanian: Instituti Kanadez i Teknologjisë) is a for-profit university located in Tirana, Albania.

History and organisation[edit]

The start-up of this institution in Albania originates from a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the company C.I.T. Albania, who owns and operates the university, and the Edu Nova Consortium, a Canadian Consortium of Colleges providing education at the secondary and university level. In October 2012, a comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed between CIT and the for-profit school Globe University which will include academic and student exchange programs as well as student transfer and mutual recognition of programs.[1]

The mother company is located in Doha, Qatar. CIT was licensed by the Albanian Ministry of Education on November 10, 2011, following the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 761/2011.

Academic structure[edit]

CIT awards undergraduate degrees. It has two faculties; the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Engineering.


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