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Type Non-Profit
Purpose Legal Education
Website CanLII

The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a non-profit organization created and funded by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, on behalf of its 14-member law societies. CanLII is also a member of the Free Access to Law Movement, which includes the primary stakeholders involved in free, open publication of law throughout the world.

CanLII offers free public access to approximately 1 million documents[1] across nearly 200 case law and legislative databases.[2] It is used by lawyers, legal professionals and the general public, with usage averaging over 20,000 visits per day.[3] The case law database is reportedly growing at a rate of approximately 120,000 new cases each year, 20% of which are historic cases which are included to enrich existing databases.[4]

In April 2014, CanLII launched CanLII Connects, a legal community sourced publication and discussion platform for case law summaries and commentaries.[5][6]

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