Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre

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Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre
CMTC Badge.png
The badge of the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre
Active 2004 — Present
Country  Canada
Allegiance Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada
Type Army
Part of Department of National Defence
Canadian Army
Headquarters Land Force Doctrine and Training System
Motto(s) Doctrinas Bello Aptare
Commander Colonel L.E. Thomas, CD

Located at CFB Wainwright, Alberta, the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC) is a formation of the Canadian Army's Land Force Doctrine and Training System. CMTC exists to deliver collective training within a realistic and immersive contemporary operating environment.

Established in 2004, CMTC delivered its first Exercise MAPLE GUARDIAN, designed to train task forces deploying to Afghanistan, in 2006. Since the end of the Canadian combat mission in Afghanistan, CMTC designs and delivers Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE to train Brigade Groups engaged in high-readiness training.

As well, CMTC delivers a Reserve-heavy exercise, Exercise MAPLE DEFENDER.

CMTC employs both technology and imagination to represent the conditions found within modern operations as authentically as possible. Personnel and vehicles participating in the exercises are equipped with laser-based devices, the Weapons Effects Simulation System (WES), that objectively register kills, wounds of varying severity, and near misses.


The Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre designs and delivers collective training exercises which replicate real-world conditions, enhancing the foundation level of training for Army units and formations.[1]

The logo of the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre.


The goal of CMTC is to ensure soldiers are ready for whatever they may be called on to do now and in the future.[1]

Training Pillars[edit]

The three pillars of training at CMTC are:

  • The Contemporary Operating Environment Force (COEFOR), consisting of civilian and military personnel who portray the entire spectrum of civilian and military personnel that would be encountered in current operations around the world.
  • Observer Controller Trainers (OCT), experienced officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned members who work with the training audience, providing coaching, teaching and mentoring.
  • The Weapons Effects Simulation System (WES), a live simulation system that relies upon people in combat situations to put it into effect. The system includes both vehicle and man-worn systems with laser detectors and projectors slaved to a GPS system that allows each individual soldier's actions and fate on the battlefield to be centrally tracked.

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