Canadian Mixed Curling Championship

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Canadian Mixed Curling Championship
Established 1964
2016 host city Toronto, Ontario
2016 arena Weston Golf & Country Club
2016 champion  Alberta
Current edition
2016 Canadian Mixed Curling Championship

The Canadian Mixed Curling Championship is the national curling championship for mixed curling in Canada. The winners of the tournament will represent Canada at the World Mixed Curling Championship.

In mixed curling, the positions on a team must alternate between men and women. If a man throws last rocks, which is usually the case, the women must throw lead rocks and third rocks, while the other male member of the team throws second rocks. In 2004, Shannon Kleibrink became the only woman to skip a team and win a Canadian Mixed championship.


Starting with the 2008 Championships (held in November 2007), the Canadian Curling Association picked two curlers from the winning team to represent Canada at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship. This ended with the 2012 Mixed Championship, with the creation of the Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Trials.

The tournament was started in 1964. For the first two years it was held at the Royal Canadian Curling Club in Toronto, Ontario. The first championship was won by Ernie Boushy of Winnipeg, Manitoba with a record of 9-1.[1][2]

The event was first sponsored by the Carling O'Keefe Brewery, which remained a sponsor until 1971. In 1973, Seagram Distillers became the new official sponsor, until 1983.

Up until 1995, the event was typically held in March, but was bumped up to January that year when Unitel became a sponsor. That was also the year that the "Season of Champions" event series was implemented, and the Page playoffs began to be used.

Unitel's parent company AT&T became the sponsor in 1997, a partnership that only lasted until 1998. The event was dropped as a Season of Champions event in 2004, and was no longer shown on television. The 2005 event was bumped up to November of the previous year, and the event has been held in November ever since, and is why the event is never held in the year it is billed as. In 2005, the page playoff system was dropped and replaced by a 3-team playoff.


The past champions of the event are listed as follows:[3]

Year Winning Locale Winning Team Host
1964 Manitoba Ernie Boushy, Ina Light, Garry DeBlonde, Bea McKenzie Toronto, Ontario
1965 Alberta Lee Green, Kay Berreth, Shirley Salt, Vi Salt Toronto, Ontario
1966 Manitoba Ernie Boushy, Ina Light, Garry DeBlonde, Betty Hird Thunder Bay, Ontario
1967 Saskatchewan Larry McGrath, Darlene Hill, Peter Gunn, Marlene Dorsett Québec City, Quebec
1968 Saskatchewan Larry McGrath, Darlene Hill, Peter Gunn, Marlene Dorsett Saint Boniface, Manitoba
1969  Alberta Don Anderson, Bernie Hunter, Bill Tarnish, Connie Reeve Kitchener, Ontario
1970  Alberta Bill Mitchell, Hadie Manley, Bill Tarnish, Connie Reeve Vancouver, British Columbia
1971  Saskatchewan Larry McGrath, Darlene Hill, John Gunn, Audrey St. John Saint John, New Brunswick
1972  British Columbia Trev Fisher, Gail Wren, Bryan Bettesworth, Louise Fisher Thunder Bay, Ontario
1973  Manitoba Barry Fry, Peggy Casselman, Stephen Decter, Susan Lynch Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
1974  Saskatchewan Rick Folk, Cheryl Stirton, Tom Wilson, Bonnie Orchard Winnipeg, Manitoba
1975  Alberta Les Rowland, Aurdrey Rowland, Dan Schmaltz, Betty Schmaltz Kitchener, Ontario
1976  British Columbia Tony Eberts, Elizabeth Short, Clark Glanville, Eleanor Short Lethbridge, Alberta
1977  Manitoba Harold Tanasichuk, Rose Tanasichuk, Jim Kirkness, Debbie Orr Halifax, Nova Scotia
1978  Saskatchewan Bernie Yuzdepski, Marnie McNiven, Roy Uchman, Joan Bjerke Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1979  Northern Ontario Roy Lund, Nancy Lund, Ron Apland, Marsha Kerr Prince George, British Columbia
1980  Manitoba Jim Dunstone, Carol Dunstone, Del Stitt, Elaine Jones St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
1981  Northern Ontario Rick Lang, Anne Provo, Bert Provo, Lorraine Edwards Winnipeg, Manitoba
1982  British Columbia Glen Pierce, Marlene Neubauer, Fuji Miki, Sharon Bradley Timmins, Ontario
1983  Saskatchewan Rick Folk, Dorenda Schoenhals, Tom Wilson, Elizabeth Folk Saint John, New Brunswick
1984  Saskatchewan Randy Woytowich, Kathy Fahlman, Brian McCusker, Jan Betker Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
1985  British Columbia Steve Skillings, Pat Sanders, Al Carlson, Louise Herlinveaux Toronto, Ontario
1986  Ontario Dave Van Dine, Dawn Ventura, Hugh Millikin, Cindy Wiggins Kamloops, British Columbia
1987  Prince Edward Island Peter Gallant, Kathy Gallant, Phil Gorveatt, Simone MacKenzie Summerside, Prince Edward Island
1988  Manitoba Jeff Stoughton, Karen Fallis, Rob Meakin, Lynn Morrow North Bay, Ontario
1989  Prince Edward Island Robert Campbell, Angela Roberts, Mark O'Rourke, Kathy O'Rourke Brandon, Manitoba
1990  Alberta Marvin Wirth, Glenna Rubin, Millard Evans, Robin Pettit Rimouski, Quebec
1991  Manitoba Jeff Stoughton, Karen Fallis, Scott Morrow, Lynn Morrow Thunder Bay, Ontario
1992  Alberta Kurt Balderston, Marcy Balderston, Rod Kramer, Joanne Morrison Grande Prairie, Alberta
1993  Nova Scotia Scott Saunders, Colleen Jones, Tom Fetterly, Helen Radford Swift Current, Saskatchewan
1994  New Brunswick Grant Odishaw, Heather Smith, Rick Perron, Krista Smith Leduc, Alberta
1995  Nova Scotia Steve Ogden, Mary Mattatall, Jeff Hopkins, Heather Hopkins Sarnia, Ontario
1996  Saskatchewan Randy Bryden, Cathy Trowell, Russ Bryden, Karen Inglis Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
1997  Northern Ontario Chris Johnson, Barb McKinty, Drew Eloranta, Lisa Gauvreau Kindersley, Saskatchewan
1998  Nova Scotia Steve Ogden, Mary Mattatall, Jeff Hopkins, Heather Hopkins Owen Sound, Ontario
1999  Nova Scotia Paul Flemming, Colleen Jones, Tom Fetterly, Monica Moriarty Victoria, British Columbia
2000  Alberta Kevin Koe, Susan O'Connor, Greg Northcott, Lawnie Goodfellow Lethbridge, Alberta
2001  Quebec Jean-Michel Ménard, Jessica Marchand, Marco Berthelot, Joëlle Sabourin Weyburn, Saskatchewan
2002  Nova Scotia Mark Dacey, Heather Smith-Dacey, Rob Harris, Laine Peters Halifax, Nova Scotia
2003  Nova Scotia Paul Flemming, Kim Kelly, Tom Fetterly, Cathy Donald Abbotsford, British Columbia
2004  Alberta Shannon Kleibrink, Richard Kleibrink, Judy Pendergast, Kevin Pendergast Timmins, Ontario
2005  Newfoundland and Labrador Mark Nichols, Shelley Nichols, Brent Hamilton, Jennifer Guzzwell Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
2006  Ontario John Epping, Julie Reddick, Scott Foster, Leigh Armstrong Whitehorse, Yukon
2007  New Brunswick Terry Odishaw, Becky Atkinson, Kevin Boyle, Jane Boyle Kitchener, Ontario
2008  Alberta Dean Ross, Susan O'Connor, Tim Krassman, Susan Wright Calgary, Alberta
2009  Manitoba Sean Grassie, Allison Nimik, Ross Derksen, Kendra Green Iqaluit, Nunavut
2010  Nova Scotia Mark Dacey, Heather Smith-Dacey, Andrew Gibson, Jill Mouzar Burlington, Ontario
2011  Prince Edward Island Robert Campbell, Rebecca Jean MacPhee, Robbie Doherty, Jackie Reid Morris, Manitoba
2012  Saskatchewan Jason Ackerman, Chantelle Eberle, Dean Hicke, Colleen Ackerman Sudbury, Ontario
2013  Ontario Cory Heggestad, Heather Graham, Greg Balsdon, Amy Mackay Mount Royal, Quebec
2014  Alberta Darren Moulding, Heather Jensen, Brent Hamilton, Anna-Marie Moulding Ottawa, Ontario
2015  Saskatchewan Max Kirkpatrick, Jolene Campbell, Chris Haichert, Teejay Haichert North Bay, Ontario
2016  Alberta Mick Lizmore, Sarah Wilkes, Brad Thiessen, Alison Kotylak[4] Toronto, Ontario


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