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Canadian National Soccer League
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The Canadian National Soccer League, known as the National Soccer League until 1993, was a soccer league in Canada that existed from 1926 to 1997. The league was also known as the National Soccer League of Ontario and Quebec. Adding 'Canadian' in 1993 was a result of the folding of the original CSL, and the accepting of the Winnipeg Fury, making the league more national.

It was then re-branded as the Canadian Professional Soccer League in 1998, primarily as a result of the restructuring in conjunction with the OSA; and subsequently as the second Canadian Soccer League in 2006 with aspirations for national expansion.

NSL/CNSL Champions[edit]

Season Playoff Champions Score Playoff Runners-up Regular Season Champions Runner-Up
1941[1] Toronto Ulster United 0–1 / 2–0 Montreal Carsteel
1950 Hamilton Westinghouse 3–2 / 1–1 Montreal Falcons
1957 Toronto Italia Toronto White Eagles
1958 Montreal Hungaria Toronto Olympia
1959 Montreal Cantalia Montreal Cantalia Toronto Italia
1960 Toronto Italia 2–2 / 0–0 / 4–2 Montreal Cantalia Toronto Italia Toronto Sparta
1961 Toronto Ukrainians Toronto Roma Montreal Concordia
1962 Italian Virtus Toronto Olympia Toronto Ukrainians
1963 Toronto Ukrainians 2–0 / 3–2 Toronto Hakoah Italian Virtus Toronto Hakoah
1964 Toronto Ukrainians 1–0 / 4–1 Toronto Abruzzi Toronto Ukrainians Montreal Cantalia
1965 Toronto Hakoah 3–2 / 3–1 Toronto Ukrainians Toronto Ukrainians Toronto Hakoah
1966 Windsor Teutonia 1–1 / 1–0 Toronto Croatia Toronto Ukrainians Sudbury
1967 Windsor Teutonia 3–1 / 1–0 Hamilton Primos Hamilton Primos Toronto Inter-Roma
1968 Sudbury Italia
1969 Toronto Italia First Portuguese
1970 Hamilton Croatia Toronto Croatia Hamilton Croatia
1971 Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia First Portuguese
1972 Toronto Italia Toronto Croatia Serbian White Eagles
1973 Toronto Hungaria Toronto Croatia Serbian White Eagles
1974 Toronto Croatia Serbian White Eagles Homer
1975 Toronto Italia First Portuguese
1976 Toronto Italia Montreal Castors
1977 Toronto Panhellenic Toronto Falcons Montreal Castors Toronto Italia
1978 Toronto Falcons Montreal Castors First Portuguese
1979 Toronto Portuguese St. Catharines Roma
1980 Toronto Panhellenic St. Catharines Roma Toronto Falcons First Portuguese
1981 Hamilton Steelers Toronto Panhellenic
1982 Toronto Italia Hamilton Steelers
1984 Toronto Italia Dynamo Latino
1985 London Marconi Toronto Italia
1986 Toronto Blizzard Toronto Italia
1987 Windsor Wheels Toronto Italia
1988 Toronto Italia Toronto Italia
1989 Toronto Italia
1990 Toronto First Portuguese
1991 Scarbourough International
1992 Woodbridge Azurri Toronto Croatia
1993 St. Catharines Roma Toronto Rockets
1994 Toronto Italia Toronto Italia
1995 St. Catharines Wolves 1–1 / 2–1 Toronto Jets Toronto Jets St. Catharines Wolves
1996 Toronto Italia 5–0 / 6–0 St. Catharines Wolves Toronto Italia St. Catharines Wolves
1997 St. Catharines Wolves 4–3 / 0–0 Toronto Supra St. Catharines Wolves Toronto Croatia

NSL/CNSL clubs[edit]

Clubs are listed by name and year that a club by that name participated. Whether clubs by the same name were indeed the same club or not has not been made clear by the source used for compiling this list. Note as well that the same source does not include information for the Eastern Division of the league from the 1930s through to the 1950s, nor any information at all for the following seasons: 1968, 1969, from 1983 through 1992, and 1994. Moreover, the source provides only an incomplete list of teams for 1947 through 1949, and, for a few other seasons, not all team names in full.

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