Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 301

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Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 301
RAF Bristol Britannia in 1964.jpg
A Bristol Brittania similar to the accident aircraft
Accident summary
Date 22 July 1962
Site Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Passengers 29
Crew 11
Fatalities 27
Survivors 13
Aircraft type Bristol Britannia 314
Aircraft name Empress of Lima
Operator Canadian Pacific Air Lines
Registration CF-CZB
Flight origin Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Destination Nadi International Airport, Fiji

Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 301 was a scheduled flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to Nadi, Fiji. On 22 July 1962 it was being operated by a Bristol Britannia 314 four-engined turboprop airliner of Canadian Pacific Air Lines, registered CF-CZB.[1] On departure from Honolulu International Airport it had engine problems and returned to land on three engines when during an attempted go-around it crashed on the airfield, killing 27 of the 40 on board.[1]


The Britannia Empress of Lima was on a scheduled flight from Honolulu Airport, Hawaii to Nadi Airport, Fiji.[1] Shortly after take-off the crew had an engine fire warning, they feathered No. 1 engine and they jettisoned fuel before returning to Honolulu 40 minutes later.[1] The three-engined approach appeared to be normal but at the last minute the crew decided to go-around and attempt another approach.[1] The aircraft banked and veered to the left and the left wing tip hit the ground about 550 feet left from the center over the runway.[1] The aircraft then disintegrated as it moved across the airfield before hitting some heavy earth-moving equipment.[1] Apart from the rear fuselage and tail the aircraft was destroyed by fire, thirteen on board escaped but seven crew and 20 passengers were killed.[1]


The aircraft, a Bristol Britannia 314 four-engined turboprop airliner had been built in the United Kingdom and was first flown on 14 April 1958.[2] It was delivered new to Canadian Pacific Air Lines on 29 April 1958, originally named Empress of Vancouver it was later renamed Empress of Lima.[2]

Probable cause[edit]

The accident investigation board concluded that the probable cause was the attempted three-engine go-around, when the aircraft was in a full landing configuration, at insufficient airspeed and altitude to maintain control.[1]


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Coordinates: 21°19′13″N 157°54′53″W / 21.3202°N 157.9147°W / 21.3202; -157.9147