2002 Canadian Professional Soccer League season

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Canadian Professional Soccer League
Season 2002
Champions Ottawa Wizards
Regular Season title Ottawa Wizards (Eastern Conference)
Toronto Croatia(Western Conference)
Matches played 133
Goals scored 456 (3.43 per match)
Top goalscorer England Darren Tilley (Mississauga Olympians)
Biggest home win OW 8-1 SCW
Biggest away win NYA 0-8 MO

The 2002 Canadian Professional Soccer League season was the 5th season for the Canadian Professional Soccer League. The season began on May 23, 2002 and concluded on October 20, 2002 with Ottawa Wizards becoming the first expansion franchise to win the CPSL Championship (known as the Rogers CPSL Cup for sponsorship reasons) by defeating the North York Astros 2-0.[1] For the first time the final was hosted at Esther Shiner Stadium, which granted the hosts the North York Astros a wildcard match.[2] As the league was divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences the Wizards clinched the Eastern title, while Toronto Croatia won the Western Conference. The expansion of the league saw the return of professional soccer to Hamilton, and the addition of another Toronto franchise.[3][4] On February 26, 2002 the CPSL signed a player agreement deal with the Toronto Lynx of the USL A-League, which provided the Lynx access in order to use CPSL talent and provide players an opportunity to play at a higher level.[5][6]

Changes from 2001 season[edit]

For the second straight season the CPSL expanded to 14 clubs to include the Hamilton Thunder and Metro Lions. Due to the increase of teams the CPSL management split the league into two Conferences the Eastern and Western.[7] The Toronto Olympians moved to Erin Mills, Mississauga, which opened the Scarborough territory to the Metro Lions.[8] Changes occurred in the York Region territory with Glen Shields changing their team name to Vaughan Sun Devils in order to fully represent the city of Vaughan. Meanwhile their rivals the York Region Shooters were sold to Tony De Thomasis, and relocated the team to their original home at Highland Park in Aurora. While former Hamilton Bulldogs president Cary Kaplan was hired as a Management Consultant for the league.[9]


Team City Stadium Manager
Brampton Hitmen Brampton, Ontario Victoria Park Stadium Ed McLaughlin
Durham Flames Oshawa, Ontario Oshawa Civic Stadium Steve Hamill
London City London, Ontario Cove Road Stadium Harry Gauss
Hamilton Thunder Hamilton, Ontario Brian Timmis Stadium Marko Maschke
Metro Lions Scarborough, Toronto Birchmount Stadium Tony LaFerrara
Mississauga Olympians Erin Mills, Mississauga Erin Mills Twin Arenas David Gee
Montreal Dynamites Laval, Quebec Centre Sportif Bois-de-Boulogne Mohamed Hilen
North York Astros North York, Ontario Esther Shiner Stadium Pavel Zaslavski
Dejan Gluscevic
Ottawa Wizards Ottawa, Ontario OZ Optics Stadium Klaus Linnenbruegger
St. Catharines Wolves St. Catharines, Ontario Club Roma Stadium Lucio Ianiero
Toronto Croatia Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario Memorial Park Zarko Brala
Toronto Supra Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario Centennial Park Stadium Victor Cameira
Vaughan Sun Devils Thornhill, Ontario Dufferin District Field Dave Benning
York Region Shooters Aurora, Ontario Highland Park Vito Colangelo

Final standings[edit]

Eastern Conference[edit]

1 Ottawa Wizards 19 15 2 2 55 13 +42 47 Qualification for Playoffs
2 Montreal Dynamites 19 11 3 5 44 34 +10 36
3 Metro Lions 19 11 2 6 36 23 +13 35
4 York Region Shooters 19 8 4 7 29 33 −4 28
5 Durham Flames 19 7 2 10 28 44 −16 23
6 Vaughan Sun Devils 19 6 11 2 27 35 −8 29
7 Toronto Supra 19 4 4 11 23 48 −25 16

Updated to games played on October 14, 2001.
Source: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports02/02cpwk21.htm
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) goal difference; 3) number of goals scored
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (E) = Eliminated; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round.
Only applicable when the season is not finished:
(Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament indicated; (TQ) = Qualified to tournament, but not yet to the particular phase indicated; (RQ) = Qualified to the relegation tournament indicated; (DQ) = Disqualified from tournament.

Western Conference[edit]

1 Toronto Croatia 19 10 4 5 36 23 +13 34 Qualification for Playoffs
2 Mississauga Olympians 19 9 5 5 49 50 −1 32
3 Hamilton Thunder 19 8 4 7 31 24 +7 28
4 St. Catharines Roma Wolves 19 6 6 7 35 41 −6 24
5 North York Astros 19 4 6 9 22 42 −20 18
6 Brampton Hitmen 19 4 5 10 19 27 −8 17
7 London City 19 2 7 10 22 39 −17 13

Updated to games played on October 14, 2001.
Source: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports02/02cpwk21.htm
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) goal difference; 3) number of goals scored
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (E) = Eliminated; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round.
Only applicable when the season is not finished:
(Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament indicated; (TQ) = Qualified to tournament, but not yet to the particular phase indicated; (RQ) = Qualified to the relegation tournament indicated; (DQ) = Disqualified from tournament.

Rogers CPSL Championship playoffs[edit]



Rogers CPSL Championship[edit]

October 20
2:05 ET
North York Astros 0–2 Ottawa Wizards
Report Robin Hart Goal 46'
Slobodan Ilic Goal 89' (og)
Esther Shiner Stadium
Attendance: 450
Referee: Steve DePierro (Ontario)
GK 1 Canada Luciano Miranda (c)
RB 21 Serbia Slobodan Ilic Substituted off 93'
CB 14 Canada Kurt Ramsey
CB 2 Canada Pablo Politi
LB 3 Scotland Ryan Thomson
RM 15 Canada Zoltan Zsibok
CM 19 Ecuador Gabriel Salguero Substituted off 87'
CM 16 Russia Andrei Malychenkov Substituted off 79'
LM 18 Montenegro Dejan Gluscevic
ST 17 Argentina Guillermo Compton Hall
ST 7 Poland Lukasz Krakowiak Substituted off 92'
DF 5 Canada Peter Zorbas
DF 4 Canada Tom Covello Substituted in 92'
FW 6 Canada Marvin Azzopardi Substituted in 79'
MF 8 Canada Jean Pierre Melotte Substituted in 87'
DF 13 India Gurbir Singh Substituted in 93'
MF 20 Canada Maximiliano Andrada
Montenegro Dejan Gluscevic
Belarus Pavel Zaslavski
GK 1 Burkina Faso Sa Brahima Traore
RB 3 Canada Kwame Telemaque
CB 18 Trinidad and Tobago Shurland David (c)
CB 22 Canada Abraham Francois
LB 23 Canada James MacMillan
RM 17 Burkina Faso Urbain Some
CM 7 Malawi Peter Mponda Substituted off 88'
CM 2 Canada Danny Sanna Substituted off 91'
LM 21 Trinidad and Tobago Robin Hart
CF 8 Trinidad and Tobago Kevin Nelson
CF 9 Uganda Abraham Osman
GK 33 Canada Roberto Canales
DF 5 Canada Simon Bonk
DF 16 Canada Norm Gates
MF 4 Canada Russell Shaw Substituted in 91'
MF 14 Canada Nikola Brkljaca Substituted in 88'
FW 10 Canada Samir Karaga
FW 19 Canada Mario Andrijanic
Germany Klaus Linnenbruegger

Rogers CPSL Championship MVP:

Guillermo Compton Hall (North York Astros)

Assistant referees:
Amato De Luca
Denise Robinson
Fourth official:
Vito Curalli

All-Star Game[edit]

The 2002 CPSL All-Star match was arranged by the German consulate general in Toronto to have TSV 1860 Munich of the Bundesliga to come to Canada.[10] London City head coach Jurek Gebcznyski was selected to assemble an All-Star roster with Dave Benning, Victor Cameria and Steve Nijjar serving as his assistant coaches. Jimmy Douglas was appointed the general manager for the team.[11]

May 15, 2002
8:00 pm
CPSL All-Stars 0 - 6 TSV 1860 Munich
Report Roman Tyce Goal 15'
Markus Schroth Goal 18'
Paul Agostino Goal 37'
Michael Wiesinger Goal 42'
Martin Max Goal 44'
Daniel Borimirov Goal 54'
Budd Stadium
Referee: Michael Lambert (Ontario)
GK 31 Canada Pieter Meuleman Substituted off 45'
RB 2 Canada Jason Faria
CB 3 Canada Danny Sanna
CB 4 Canada Peyvand Mossavat
LB 11 Canada Bayete Smith
RM 15 Albania Gentian Dervishi Substituted off 56'
CM 9 Canada Miles O'Conner
CM 12 Uganda Abraham Osman Substituted off 45'
LM 8 Canada Phil Ionadi
ST 14 Canada Carlo Arghittu Substituted off 68'
ST 16 Canada Jimmy Kuzmanovski Substituted off 58'
GK 1 Canada Luciano Miranda Substituted in 45'
DF 5 Canada Orlando Rizzo Substituted in 56'
DF 6 Canada Tyler Hemming Substituted in 68'
MF 7 Canada Lucio Ianiero Substituted in 45'
MF 10 Canada David Mancini
FW 17 Montenegro Dejan Gluscevic Substituted in 58'
FW 18 Canada Denny Dragonic
Poland Jurek Gebczynski
GK 29 Germany Simon Jentzsch Substituted off 45'
RB 4 Germany Marco Kurz
CB 7 Brazil Rodrigo Barbosa Rodrigues Costa
LB 22 Belgium Didier Dheedene Substituted off 45'
RM 14 Germany Michael Wiesinger
CM 2 Austria Martin Stranzl
CM 17 Bulgaria Daniel Borimirov
LM 6 Czech Republic Roman Tyce
FW 21 Germany Markus Schroth
FW 9 Germany Martin Max
FW 18 Australia Paul Agostino Substituted off 45'
GK 1 Germany Michael Hofmann
GK 31 Germany Jurgen Wittmann Substituted in 45'
DF 24 Germany Uwe Ehlers Substituted in 45'
DF 44 Germany Torben Hoffmann Substituted in 45'
DF 41 Germany Christian Holzer
MF 36 Germany Andreas Gorlitz
MF 42 Germany Stefan Kogler
MF 26 Austria Marcus Pürk
FW 25 Germany Achim Pfuderer
Austria Peter Pacult

Assistant referees:
Steve Cahoon
Frank Marcello
Fourth official:
Steve DePierro

2002 scoring leaders[edit]

Full article: CSL Golden Boot[12]
Position Player's name Nationality Club Goals
1 Darren Tilley  England Mississauga Olympians 20
2 Kevin Nelson  Trinidad and Tobago Ottawa Wizards 18
3 Mladen Dikic  Croatia Toronto Croatia 14
4 Carlo Arghittu  Canada St. Catharines Wolves 13
5 Gus Kouzmanis  Canada Vaughan Sun Devils 13
6 Khalid Mensah  Canada Montreal Dynamites 13
7 Abraham Osman  Uganda Ottawa Wizards 12
8 Kevin De Serpa  Canada Mississauga Olympians 8
9 Tom Kouzmanis  Canada Vaughan Sun Devils 8
10 Kurt Mella  Canada Brampton Hitmen 8

CPSL Executive Committee[edit]

A list of the 2002 CPSL Executive Committee.[13]

Position Name Nationality
President & Chairman: Vincent Ursini Canada Canadian
League Administrator/Director of Media: Stan Adamson England English
Director at Large: Walter Kirchner Romania Romanian
Director of Discipline: Clifford Dell Canada Canadian
Director of Officials: Tony Camacho Portugal Portuguese
Administrative Co-ordinator: Josie Storto Canada Canadian
Treasurer: Peter Li Preti Canada Canadian
Legal Counsel: Ira Greenspoon Canada Canadian

Individual awards[edit]


Award Player (Club)
CPSL Most Valuable Player Abraham Osman[14] (Ottawa Wizards)
CPSL Golden Boot Darren Tilley (Mississauga Olympians)
CPSL Goalkeeper of the Year Award George Azcurra (Toronto Croatia)
CPSL Defender of the Year Award Domagoj Sain (Toronto Croatia)
CPSL Rookie of the Year Award Darren Tilley (Mississauga Olympians)
CPSL Coach of the Year Award Aldwyn McGill (Metro Lions)
CPSL Referee of the Year Award Michael Lambert
CPSL Fair Play Award Mississauga Olympians


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