Corps of Canadian Railway Troops

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Corps of Canadian Railway Troops
Country Canada Flag of Canada.svg
Allegiance Canada
Role Railroad maintenance
Size 1500 (Initial full strength)[1] 13000 (overall)
Garrison/HQ Saint John, NB

The Corps of Canadian Railway Troops were part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I. Initially known as the Canadian Railway Troops, they were redesignated as the "Corps of ..." on 23 April 1918.


The initial 500 men came from the Canadian Pacific Railway, but overall the railway troops had 13,000 members.[2]

  • Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps
  • 1st Construction Battalion
  • 2nd CRT Battalion – formed from 127th York Rangers
  • 3rd CRT Battalion – 239th Battalion
  • 4th CRT Battalion – Depot unit
  • 5th CRT Battalion – Depot unit
  • 6th CRT Battalion – 228th Battalion
  • 7th CRT Battalion – 257th Battalion
  • 8th CRT Battalion – 218th and 211th Battalions
  • 9th CRT Battalion – 1st Pioneer
  • 10th CRT Battalion – 256th Battalion
  • 11th CRT Battalion – 3rd Labour Battalion
  • 12th CRT Battalion – 2nd Labour Battalion
  • 13th CRT Battalion – Depot unit

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