Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs

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The Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (LCJC) is a standing committee of the Senate of Canada. It has jurisdiction over legislation and matters relating to legal and constitutional matters generally, including: (1) federal-provincial relations; (2) administration of justice, law reform and all related matters; (3) the judiciary; (4) all essentially juridical matters; and (5) private bills not otherwise specifically assigned to another committee, including those related to marriage and divorce (Rule 86(1)(k)).[1]


Caucus Member Province
  Conservative Bob Runciman, chair ON
  Conservative Denise Batters SK
  Conservative Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu QC
  Conservative Jean-Guy Dagenais QC
  Conservative Tom McInnis NS
  Conservative Paul McIntyre NB
  Conservative Vernon White ON
  Independent Senators Group Gwen Boniface ON
  Independent Senators Group Tony Dean ON
  Independent Senators Group Renée Dupuis QC
  Independent Senators Group Kim Pate ON
  Independent Senators Group Murray Sinclair MB
  Independent Senators Group André Pratte QC
  Senate Liberal George Baker, deputy chair NL
  Senate Liberal Mobina Jaffer BC
  Senate Liberal Serge Joyal QC

The Representative of the Government in the Senate and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate are both ex-officio members of the committee.

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