Canadian Swing Championships

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The Canadian Swing Championships is an annual event held since 2002 to showcase swing dancing in Canada. It is held near Montreal over the Victoria Day weekend. Before 2005, the event was called the Eastern Canadian Swing Championship, but was renamed when no equivalent event was started in Western Canada and the ECSC became the de facto national championship.

At CSC, competitions are held in lindy hop, classic lindy hop, west coast swing, charleston, balboa, blues dancing, jive, and a fast dance. Competitions are divided into jack and jill format and rehearsed routines for pairs and for teams. In some events, separate competitions are held for professionals and amateurs.

In addition to the competition itself, the weekend acts as a lindy exchange, including instructional workshops and social dancing. It is the largest annual exchange in Canada, attracting over 500 people per year to full-event participation, plus the numbers attending only as observers.

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