Canadian Team Handball Federation

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Canadian Team Handball Federation
Type Sports organization
8 members
Official language
English and French
Raquel Pedercini Marinho

The Canadian Team Handball Federation, CTHF, is the governing body of team handball in Canada. It was founded in 1962[1] and joined the International Handball Federation the same year.[2]

The CTHF is a member of the Pan-American Team Handball Federation. The CTHF is made up of the following voting delegates: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland\Labrador. The Delegates are broken down into three categories. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Quebec are full members with three votes at the AGM. New Brunswick and Manitoba are associate members with two votes at the AGM. And British Columbia, Ontario, and Newfoundland\Labrador are affiliate members with one vote at the AGM.

The CTHF sanctions two national tournaments in May of each year for two categories, senior (22 and over) and junior (21 and under), both men and women subcategories exist within each age category. The tournaments are hosted and organized by one of the member provinces. The winner of the tournament is awarded the title of National Champions for the year until the tournament is held again.

Current Roster[edit]

Name Position Club
Lyndon Suvanto Goalkeeper St. Kilda Handball
Max Wagg Goalkeeper Alberta Team Handball
Edouard Boxo Goalkeeper Celtique
Cristian Toth Left Back Champlain
Etienne Mercier Center Back Levis
Sylvain Gaudet Center Back Champlain
Kraig Fischer Center Back Alberta Team Handball
Mark Gordulic Left Wing Alberta Team Handball
Michael Lambert Pivot Levis
Greg Chauvet Right Back Clermont
Parker Love Pivot Alberta Team Handball
Mathieu Rousselle Right Wing Levis
Alex Touzel Left Back Champlain
Tim Sartisson Left Back GC Amicitia Zurich
Justin Larouche Right Back Selestat Handball
Axel Mesurole Right Wing Angers HC
Benjamin Hasty Center Back Levis
Steven Joubert Pivot Champlain
Cedrick Dupéré Right Wing Levis
Dereck Dupéré Left Wing Levis

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