Canadian Ultimate Championships

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Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) is an annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament organised by Ultimate Canada and the player association of the city where the championships are held.[1] Until 2016, all divisions were hosted in the same location. Beginning in 2016 the mixed divisions have been held as a separate event.

History of ultimate and disc sports in Canada[edit]

Australia vs Canada Ultimate players at WUGC 2012 in Japan. Ultimate Canada

Organized disc sports began in the early 1970s, with promotional efforts from Irwin Toy, the Canadian Open Frisbee Championships, Toronto (1972–85), the Vancouver Open Frisbee Championships (1974–77) and professionals using Frisbee show tours to perform at universities, fairs and sporting events.[2] Disc sports such as freestyle, double disc court, guts, ultimate and disc golf became this sports first events.[3][4] Two sports, the team sport of ultimate and disc golf are very popular worldwide and are now being played semi-professionally.[5][6] The World Flying Disc Federation, Professional Disc Golf Association, Freestyle Players Association are the official rules and sanctioning organizations for flying disc sports worldwide. Ultimate Canada is the official rules and sanctioning organization for ultimate in Canada.

Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. The object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to members of your own team, on a rectangular field, 120 yards (110m) by 40 yards (37m), until you have successfully completed a pass to a team member in the opposing team's end zone. In the early 1970s, Ken Westerfield introduced ultimate along with other disc sports North of the 49th parallel at the Canadian Open Frisbee Championships, Toronto (1972-1985) and the Vancouver Open Frisbee Championships (1974–1977). In 1979, Ken Westerfield and Chris Lowcock, created the Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC). The Toronto Ultimate Club is one of the ultimate's oldest leagues.[7][8]

The first Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) were held for the open division in Ottawa in 1987, produced by Marcus Brady and Brian Guthrie. OCUA subsequently hosted the 1993, 1999, 2002, 2011 and 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships.[9]

Canada has been ranked number one in the Ultimate World Rankings several times since 1998 in all the Ultimate Divisions (including Open and Women's) according to the World Flying Disc Federation.[10]

In 2013, as a founding partner, the Toronto Ultimate Club presented Canada's first semi-professional ultimate team, the Toronto Rush[11][12] to the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL).[13][14] In their first season they went undefeated 18-0 and won the AUDL championships.[15] The American Ultimate Disc League and the now defunct Major League Ultimate (MLU) are the first semi-professional ultimate leagues.[16]

Upcoming Championships[edit]

The 33rd championships, CUC 2019, will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, August 11–18, 2019.

CUC 2019 Mixed will take place in Brampton, Ontario, August 22–25, 2019.[17]

Past Championships[edit]


Year Location Tournament Director(s)
2023 CUC: Surrey, BC

CUC Masters: Kelowna, BC

2022 CUC: Brampton, ON

CUC Masters: Ottawa,ON

2021 UCI (Senior): Ottawa, ON

UCI (Masters): Ottawa, ON

2020 CUC: Brampton, ON

CUC Mixed: Laval, QC

2019 CUC: Edmonton, AB

CUC Mixed: Brampton, ON

2018 CUC: Brampton, ON

CUC Mixed: Surrey, BC

2017 CUC: Ottawa, ON

CUC Mixed: Saskatoon, SK

Venissa de Castro, Isabelle Blanchard, Naomi Garneau
2016 CUC: Edmonton, AB

CUC Mixed: Hamilton, ON

2015 Winnipeg, MB
2014 Waterloo, ON Andrew Portwine
2013 Vancouver, BC Brian Gisel and Teri-Lynne Belanger
2012 Victoria, BC Kevin Burleigh
2011 Ottawa, ON[18] Cory Bowditch, Stuart Ginn and Ken Lange
2010 Sherbrooke, QC[19] Damien Roy
2009 Winnipeg, MB[20] Corey Draper
2008 Calgary, AB[21] Dave McLean
2007 Toronto, ON[22] Blue McClellan & Allison Fletcher
2006 Halifax, NS[23] Ed Fong
2005 Winnipeg, MB[24] Danny Sanders
2004 Vancouver, BC[25] Brian Gisel
2003 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC[26] Louis Beauregard
2002 Ottawa, ON[18] Gwen Prillo & Mike Hall-Jones
2001 Edmonton, AB[27] Calvin Li
2000 Vancouver, BC[28] Brian Gisel
1999 Ottawa, ON[29][30] Jack Webb & Mike Hall-Jones
1998 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC[26]
1997 Victoria, BC
1996 Toronto, ON
1995 Calgary, AB Grant Burns
1994 Winnipeg, MB Dean Wright
1993 Ottawa, ON Maren Hansen and Keith Whyte
1992 Vancouver, BC Mike Kaweski
1991 Montreal, QC
1990 Calgary, AB Grant Burns & Rick Collins
1989 Vancouver, BC Adam Berson, Liam Robinson, Douglas Grant
1988 Toronto, ON Chris & Les Lowcock
1987 Ottawa, ON (inaugural championship)[31] Marcus Brady & Brian Guthrie


Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 General Strike (Winnipeg) AFC Rumble (Edmonton) Houndd (Durham) ONI (Vancouver) Devin Cohen
2021 Furious George (Vancouver) Mephisto (Montreal) GOAT (Toronto) Regiment (Newfoundland)
2019 Furious George (Vancouver) GOAT (Toronto) General Strike (Winnipeg) Berta Flatball Club (Edmonton) Ty Barbieri
2018 Phoenix (Ottawa) Alberta Flatball Club (Edmonton) Grand Trunk (Toronto) Houndd (Durham) Russ Nicolls
2017 GOAT (Toronto) General Strike (Winnipeg) Phoenix (Ottawa) GOAT (Toronto) Jason Huynh
2016 Grand Trunk (Toronto) General Strike (Winnipeg) Mio Grape (Vancouver) Maverick (Waterloo) Connor Armstrong
2015 GOAT (Toronto) Furious George (Vancouver) Mockingbird (Montreal) Alberta Flatball Club (Edmonton) Derek Alexander
2014 Shepdog (Toronto) Blackfish (Vancouver) Demon (Montreal) Red Circus (Halifax) Isaiah Masek-Kelly
2013 Furious George (Vancouver) Phoenix (Ottawa) Mephisto (Montreal) Mephisto (Montreal) Peter Yu
2012 Furious George (Vancouver) General Strike (Winnipeg) The Ghosts (Calgary) Nelson Homegrown (BC) Kevin Underhill
2011 Furious George (Vancouver) GOAT (Ottawa / Toronto) Phoenix (Ottawa) Maverick (Waterloo) Morgan Hibbert
2010 Moondoggies (Toronto) Mephisto (Montreal) Phoenix (Ottawa) NLA (NFLD) / Roy (Toronto) John Hassell
2009 Mephisto (Montreal) Phoenix (Ottawa) Invictus (Calgary) Tommy Douglas Dream Team (SK) Jean-Levy Champagne
2008 Nomads (Victoria) Mephisto (Montreal) Invictus (Calgary) General Strike (Wpg) / EMU (Edm) Oscar Pottinger
2007 Furious George (Vancouver) GOAT (Ottawa / Toronto) Invictus (Calgary) Too Bad (Toronto)
2006 GOAT (Ottawa / Toronto) Mephisto (Montreal) Grand Trunk (Toronto) Swass (Fredericton) Andrew Ouchterlony
2005 Nomads (Victoria) GOAT (Ottawa / Toronto) Phoenix (Ottawa) Too Bad (Toronto) Anthony Maley
2004 Nomads (Victoria) Calgary D&D (Calgary) Grand Trunk (Toronto) Joey Houssian
2003 Furious George (Vancouver) GOAT (Ottawa / Toronto) RWBB (?) Jerk Factory (Atlantic) Jeff Cruickshank
2002 GOAT (Ottawa / Toronto) Mephisto (Montreal) Phoenix (Ottawa) FOG (Halifax) / Mangina (Regina) Pete Knowles
2001 Nomads (Victoria) Invictus (Calgary) Frisbots (Vancouver) Incognito (Edmonton) Evan Wood
2000 Furious George (Vancouver) Invictus (Calgary) waX (Ottawa) Incognito (Edmonton) John Wooldrige
1999 Furious George (Vancouver) waX (Ottawa) YES (Toronto) Eddies (Vancouver) Andrew Lugsdin
1998 waX (Ottawa) Nomads (Victoria) Chaos (Winnipeg) Chris Sullivan
1997 Furious George (Vancouver) Alter Boyz (Vancouver) Cynics (Calgary) Sausage Party (Saskatoon) Adam Berson
1996 Furious George (Vancouver) Da Cod Fodders (Halifax) Evan Wood
1995 Furious George (Vancouver) waX (Ottawa) Toronto Allan Nichols
1994 waX (Ottawa) Vertigogh (Vancouver) Cynics (Calgary) Mufferaw Joe (Ottawa) Phillip Roger
1993 waX (Ottawa) Vertigogh (Vancouver) Taxidermy (Toronto) Phillip Roger
1992 Vertigogh (Vancouver) PP Wax (Ottawa) Cynics (Calgary) Steve Oldenberg
1991 Vertigogh (Vancouver) Michael Kader
1990 Cynics (Calgary) Van Gogh (Vancouver) Prairie Fire (Winnipeg) Steev Limin
1989 Van Gogh (Vancouver) Cynics (Calgary) Secret Police (Ottawa) Adam Berson
1988 Cynics (Calgary) Darkside (Toronto) Cynics (Calgary) Steev Limin
1987 Darkside (Toronto) Cynics (Calgary) Montreal A (Montreal) Rick Collins


Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 Iris (Quebec) QUB (Quebec City) Stella (Ottawa) Volt (Montreal) Florence Dionne
2021 6ixers (Toronto) Traffic (Vancouver) Fusion (Winnipeg) Iris (Quebec)
2019 6ixers (Toronto) Iris (Quebec) Traffic (Vancouver) Fusion (Winnipeg) Brittney Dos Santos
2018 Iris (Quebec) Stella (Ottawa) PPF (Waterloo) Korra (Regina) Shaunaugh Howard
2017 6ixers (Toronto) Traffic (Vancouver) Iris (Quebec) Wendigo (Vancouver) Anouchka Beaudry
2016 Fusion (Winnipeg) Sneaky House Hippos (Vancouver) Flurry (Edmonton) Fusion (Winnipeg) Alexa Kovacs
2015 Traffic (Vancouver) Iris (Montreal) Capitals (Toronto / Ottawa) Lily (Toronto) Terri Whitehead
2014 PPF (Waterloo) Stella (Ottawa) Wild Rose (AB) Zephyr (Vancouver) Melissa Dunbar
2013 Traffic (Vancouver) QUB (QC) Fusion (Winnipeg) Brizo (BC) Ashlee Davison
2012 Traffic (Vancouver) QUB (QC) Stella (Ottawa) Mystik (QC) Kira Frew
2011 Capitals (Ottawa / Toronto) Traffic (Vancouver) QUB (QC) Vintage (Montreal) Alyson Walker
2010 Storm (Montreal) Stella (Ottawa) Lotus (Toronto) Storm (Montreal) Genevieve Dufresne
2009 Lotus (Toronto) Stella (Ottawa) Zephyr (Vancouver) Salty (Halifax) Kaitlyn Lovatt
2008 Stella (Ottawa) Storm (Montreal) FLO (Calgary) Foxy (Edmonton) Kate Crump
2007 Traffic (Vancouver) Capitals (Ottawa / Toronto) Team Alberta (AB) Feisty (Toronto)
2006 Lotus (Toronto) Stella (Ottawa) Flo (Calgary) Storm (Montreal) Alyson Walker
2005 Stella (Ottawa) Lotus (Toronto) Roughriders (Vancouver) Fusion (Winnipeg) Kathleen Lemieux
2004 Lotus (Toronto) Ya Ya's (Edmonton) Stella (Ottawa) Bushfire (Vernon, BC) Heather Killian
2003 Prime (Vancouver) Stella (Ottawa) Dame Edna (Ottawa) Sirens (Regina) Val Dion
2002 Fuse (Ottawa) Urge (Toronto) Dame Edna (Ottawa) Crave (Winnipeg) Erin Huck
2001 Flo (Calgary) Urge (Toronto) Stella (Ottawa) Ya Ya's (Edmonton) Melanie Labine
2000 Prime (Vancouver) Flo (Calgary) Urge (Toronto) Flo (Calgary) Teresa Fong
1999 Prime (Vancouver) Stella (Ottawa) Gameface (Toronto) Flo (Calgary) Su Ning Strube
1998 Stella (Ottawa) Guests of Oprah (Goo) (Vancouver) Venus Fly Trap (Montreal) Nikki Brackstone
1997 Guests of Oprah (Goo) (Vancouver) Gameface (Toronto) Big Talk, No Practice (Vancouver) Jules Shalman
1996 Guests of Oprah (Goo) (Vancouver) Bitchin' Sweet Peas (Victoria) Huckin Harlots (Vancouver) Leslie Calder
1995 Guests of Oprah (Goo) (Vancouver) Layout Sisters (Toronto) Leslie Calder
1994 Guests of Oprah (Goo) (Vancouver) Horizont'elle (Ottawa) Flo (Calgary) Liz Case
1993 Horizont'elle (Ottawa) Guests of Oprah (Goo) (Vancouver) Psychocybernetics (North Bay) Justine Price
1992 See Jane Run (Toronto) Flo (Calgary) Spin Sisters (Vancouver) Giliian Scarfe
1991 See Jane Run (Toronto) Giliian Scarfe
1990 See Jane Run (Toronto) Lipstick Girls (Montreal)
1989 See Jane Run (Toronto) Lipstick Girls (Montreal) Flo (Calgary)


Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 Union (Toronto) Pretty Boys & Handsome Girls (Winnipeg) Danger Noodle (Toronto) & T.T. (Vancouver) (game not played due to lightning) Harfang (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu) Jordan Ing-Chen
2021 Red Flag (Vancouver) Pretty Boys & Handsome Girls (Winnipeg) Union (Toronto) Zen (Toronto) Zellema Mot
2019 Lab (Quebec) Soup (Ontario) Battleship (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu) Quakers (Quebec) Fable (Vancouver) Miguel Goderre
2018 Pretty Boys & Handsome Girls (Winnipeg) Goomba Gang (Vancouver) Beer Kitty (Vancouver) Thunder (Waterloo) Jamal El-Fatih
2017 Anchor (Halifax) Crash (Kitchener-Waterloo) Battleship (Montreal) Union (Toronto) Jennie Korus
2016 Montreal Old Star (Montreal) Nagano 98 (Aurora) Local 613 (Kingston) Local 613 (Kingston) Antoine Lepagnol
2015 Team Fisher Price (Vancouver) Union (Toronto) Bunny Thugs (Saskatoon) Force (Barrie) Cole Keffer
2014 Crash (Waterloo) Max Power (Toronto) Local 613 (Kingston) Rogue Hippo (Edmonton) Heather Neary
2013 Union (Toronto) Stache (Vancouver) Team Fisher Price (Vancouver) Bytown Flatball Club (BFC) (Ottawa) Hadiya Roderique
2012 Odyssée (Montreal) Union (Toronto) UNight (Montreal) Skysharks (Victoria) Ray Nemours
2011 Team Fisher Price (Vancouver) Odyssée (Montreal) Onyx (QC) Odyssée (Montreal) Jeremy Norden
2010 Onyx (QC) RIP (Montreal) Spawn (Fredericton) Swarm (Winnipeg) Mathieu Bordeleau
2009 Chaos (Winnipeg) Onyx (QC) RIP (Montreal) Pandemic (Vancouver) Christy Mader
2008 Team Fisher Price (Vancouver) Onyx (Quebec City) Psychoplastic (Edmonton) Wannabago (Montreal) Kevin Cheung
2007 Team Fisher Price (Vancouver) Bytown Flatball Club (BFC) (Ottawa) Gecko (Sherbrooke) Wannabago (Montreal)
2006 Camelot (Montreal) Chaos (Winnipeg) Bombing Madd Fatties (Toronto) Here to Pickup (Toronto) Lorne Beckman
2005 Team Fisher Price (Vancouver) Joyride (Vancouver) Camelot (Montreal) Hail (Edmonton) Kevin Cheung
2004 Team Fisher Price (Vancouver) Bombing Madd Fatties (Toronto) Bodhi (Toronto) Krank (Halifax) Brendan Wong
2003 Chaos (Winnipeg) Lucky (Victoria) Bonesaw (Vancouver) Sugar (Halifax) Nina Bansal
2002 Lucky (Victoria) Mon Ami Burundi (Toronto) Grin (Montreal) Stakatak (Sherbrooke) Tassy Davidson
2001 Idle Hands (Vancouver) Chaos (Winnipeg) Sumo (Montreal) Nine Inch Ales (Toronto) Sara Falkner
2000 Ro-Sham-Bo (Vancouver) Chaos (Winnipeg) Idle Hands (Vancouver) Undecided (Vancouver) Chris Lowe
1999 Chaos (Winnipeg) Thrive (Toronto) Fabulous Flying Flamingos (Ottawa) Chaos (Winnipeg)

Junior Open[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 MOFO (Winnipeg) Eclipse (Vancouver) Origine (Québec city) Mischief (Vancouver) Ethan Nemetchek
2019 Eclipse (Vancouver) Ignite (Ottawa) TORO (Toronto) Titane (Montreal) Neo Debroux
2018 TORO (Toronto) Eclipse (Vancouver) Vortex (Fraser Valley) TORO (Toronto)
2017 MOFO (Winnipeg) TORO (Toronto) Ignite (Ottawa) Wheaties (Saskatchewan)
2016 MOFO (Winnipeg) TORO (Toronto) Bonfire (North Vancouver) TORO (Toronto)
2015 TORO (Toronto) Alpha (BC) MOFO (Winnipeg) Bonfire (North Vancouver)
2014 TORO (Toronto) MOFO (Winnipeg) Bonfire (North Vancouver) Révolution (Quebec)
2013 Wildcard (Vancouver) MOFO (Winnipeg) Capital Punishment (Ottawa) Hydro (Quebec)
2012 MOFO (Winnipeg) Hydro (Quebec) BC Blaze (British Columbia)

Junior Girls[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 Eclipse (Vancouver) Vortex (Fraser Valley) Wicked West (Ottawa) Titane (Montreal) Jenalyn Ng
2019 TORO (Toronto) MOFO (Winnipeg) Vortex (Fraser Valley) Cannons (Calgary)
2018 MOFO (Winnipeg) Eclipse (Vancouver) TORO (Toronto) TORO (Toronto)
2017 Misfit (Vancouver) TORO (Toronto) Vortex (Fraser Valley) Aera (QC)
2016 Misfit (Vancouver) Alpha (BC) TORO (Toronto) Fallout (Edmonton)
2015 Alpha (BC) Vortex (Fraser Valley) MOFO (Winnipeg) NL Juniors (NL)
2014 TORO (Toronto) West Coast Tribe (BC) MOFO (Winnipeg) Team Quebec (QC)
2013 Wildcard (BC) Vortex (Fraser Valley) Overdrive (Toronto) Aera (QC)
2012 BC Blaze (BC) Overdrive (Toronto) MOFO (Winnipeg)

Junior Mixed[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG
2011 Shock (Vancouver)[32] Overdrive (Toronto) Vortex (Surrey) bEAST (Halifax)
2010 West Coast Reign (Vancouver) Overdrive (Toronto) Vortex (Surrey)
2009 Blackout (Vancouver) Vortex (Surrey) MOFO (Winnipeg) DOAP (Winnipeg)
2008 MOFO (Winnipeg) Crossfire (Vancouver) Dirt (Toronto) QC (QC) / CUJO (Calgary)
2007 Backbone (Vancouver) Dirt (Toronto) OJ (Ottawa)
2006 Pyro (Vancouver) MOFO (Winnipeg) Vortex (Vancouver) Hustle n' Flow (Sackville)
2005 West Coast Blitz (Vancouver) MOFO (Winnipeg) OJ (Ottawa)
2004 MOFO (Winnipeg) Deep Threat (Vancouver) OJ (Ottawa) MOFO (Winnipeg)
2003 MOFO (Winnipeg) Hazmats (Montreal) G-Men (Calgary) The 613 (Ottawa)
2002 MOFO (Winnipeg) Schadenfreude (Vancouver) G-Men (Calgary) Dirt (Toronto)
2001 DFA (Vancouver) MOFO (Winnipeg) Calgary Juniors (Calgary) MOFO (Winnipeg)
2000 DFA (Vancouver) MOFO (Winnipeg) Blue Milk (BC)
1999 Tetris626 (North Bay / Ottawa) Seamless (Vancouver) MOFO (Winnipeg)
1998 626 (North Bay) MOFO (Winnipeg)
1997 Invisible Hand (Calgary)
1996 Prime Sinisters (Ottawa)
1994 Eagles (Winnipeg)

Masters Open[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 Still (ON) Quack (QC) NSOM (QC) Grandsome (QC)
2019 Still (ON) Queen City Kings (Regina) Carbon (Edmonton) Viper (Waterloo) Brian O'Callaghan
2018 Max Power (Toronto) Borderline (Halifax) Queen City Kings (Regina) Viper (Waterloo) Aaron Hooper
2017 NSOM (Montreal) Torque (Winnipeg) Best Before (Toronto) Viper (Waterloo)
2016 NSOM (Montreal) Grizzle (Central BC) Carbon (Edmonton) Carbon (Edmonton) Ray Nemours
2015 Shepherds (Toronto) Muriqui (Vancouver) NSOM (Montreal) NSOM (Montreal) John Hassell
2014 Borderline (Atlantic)[33] The Forgotten (Toronto) NSOM (Montreal) NSOM (Montreal) Sean Patrick Malone
2013 FIGJAM (Calgary) NSOM (Montreal) Flood (Winnipeg) NSOM (Montreal) David Burdziuk
2012 Nomads (Victoria) FIGJAM (Calgary) NSOM (Montreal) Gauntlet (Vancouver) Pete Atkinson
2011 Nomads (Victoria)[32] Glum (Ottawa) FIGJAM (Calgary) Flood (Winnipeg) Al Nichols
2010 Glum (Ottawa) FIGJAM (Calgary) Fuel (Toronto) Glum (Ottawa) / Scotch (Halifax) Seton Stiebert
2009 Glum (Ottawa) FIGJAM (Calgary) Grind (Vancouver) EPIC (AB) Chee Chan
2008 Glum (Ottawa) FIGJAM (Calgary) Fossil (Toronto) Sabotage (Vancouver) / Scotch (Halifax) / Epic (AB) Blayne Ferguson
2007 Tombstone (Toronto) Glum (Ottawa) Retro (Vancouver) Glum (Ottawa) John McArton
2006 Bad Daddy Ultimate (Ottawa) Smell My Mule (Ottawa) Relic (Calgary) Scotch (Halifax) Ken Lange
2005 Grind (Vancouver) Flood (Winnipeg) Cynics (Calgary) ECU (Halifax) Brian Harris
2004 Cynics (Calgary) Eddies (Vancouver) Grind (Vancouver) Red Flood (Winnipeg) Grant Burns
2003 Wuz (Ottawa) Grind (Vancouver) Smell My Mule (Ottawa) Never (Ottawa) Jamie Kelly
2002 Wuz My Mule (Ottawa) NADS (North Bay) Negli-gents (Vancouver) Aged to Perfection (ATP) (Toronto) John Findlay
2001 Relics (Calgary) Farm Accidents (Vancouver) Prairie Fire (Winnipeg) Smell My Mule (Ottawa) Paul Lepper
2000 Farm Accidents (Vancouver) Relics (Calgary) Quality Control Esoterics (Lasquiti) Trevor Stokes
1999 NADS (North Bay / Toronto) Smell My Mule (Ottawa) Relics (Ottawa) Stinky Old Monkeys (Vancouver) Rob Bourre
1998 Wuz (Ottawa) Never (Ottawa) Smell My Mule (Ottawa) Stinky Old Monkeys (Vancouver) Cliff Youdale
1997 Smell My Mule (Ottawa) Relics (Calgary) Relics (Calgary) Russ MacDonald
1996 D.E.A.D. (Ottawa) Aged to Perfection (Toronto) Passing Wind (Ottawa) Zoyds (Toronto) Steve Ott

Masters Women[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 StellO (Ottawa) MaQramée (QC) Agwata (Gatineau) Agwata (Gatineau)
2019 lowercase (ON) 'Berta (AB) PNW Basic (Vancouver) Throwback (Edmonton) Courtney Benvenuti
2018 Forever 31 (Toronto) Thrift Shop (Hamilton) Mint (Winnipeg) Nebula (Ottawa) Kate Jardine
2017 Vintage (Montreal) lowercase (ON) DYNA (Calgary) Annie Oakley
2016 Throwback (Edmonton) Eclipse (Ottawa) DYNA (Calgary) MASH (Calgary) Jenn Nicholls
2015 Vintage (Montreal) Terra (Toronto) The Collective Vintage (Montreal) Julie Tremblay
2014 Terra (Toronto) Eclipse (Ottawa) Thrift Shop (Hamilton) DYNA (Calgary) Bonnie Lee
2013 Vintage (Montreal) Terra (Toronto) Contraband (Vancouver) Vintage (Montreal) Alison Fischer

Masters Mixed[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Third Place SOTG MVP
2022 POQ POQ (Quebec) & QOLD (Quebec) (game not played due to lightning) Qold (Quebec) & Elder (Ottawa) (game not played due to lightning) Pushing Daisies (Ottawa)
2019 Qold (Quebec City) Flux (Calgary) Notorious KWG (Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph Firefly (Winnipeg) Marianne Pilon
2018 Happy Campers (Victoria) Mastadon (Vancouver) Firefly (Winnipeg) Scott Craig
2017 Penguin Village (Saskatoon) Mastadon (Vancouver) Bingo & Chill Marcus Storey



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