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The Canadian University Software Engineering Conference (formerly Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference), or CUSEC, is a conference held yearly in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, around mid-January since 2002. The conference promotes software engineering around a unique theme each year. Its audience is mostly the undergraduate students from different parts of Canada, with occasional participants from the academia or from the industry. Keynote speeches, tutorials, and corporate and academic presentations are given by the top figures and personalities in software engineering.


In 2000, John Kopanas, then an undergraduate student in the new software engineering program at Concordia University, envisioned the creation of a conference "by students, for students" in the field of software engineering. He and fellow students in the same program then put together plans and set them in motion. The result of their effort was the first edition of the conference, CUSEC 2002, which took place in Montreal, lasted 2 days, and attracted an audience of over 150 students from across Canada.

Witnessing the success of the first conference, Kopanas decided to continue the tradition and expand the conference. By 2007, the number of attendees had grown to over 350 students and professionals. The number of keynote speeches had also increased to five and the conference now lasts three days instead of two.

CUSEC editions and keynote speakers[edit]

CUSEC 2002: Montreal, Quebec[edit]

  • Timothy Lethbridge.
  • Peter Grogono, Professor and Associate Chair, Concordia University
  • Morven Gentleman.
  • Ahmed Seffah.
  • Jacob Slonin.

CUSEC 2003: Adapting the Process, January 16–18, 2003, Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2004: Ensuring Quality, January 15–17, 2004, Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2005: Thinking Outside the Cubicle, January 14–16, 2005, Ottawa, Ontario[edit]

CUSEC 2006: Engineering Useful Software, January 19–21, 2006, Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2007: Designing for the Future, January 18–20, 2007 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

  • Dave Thomas, Author, The Pragmatic Programmer.
  • Pete McBreen, President, Software Craftsmanship Inc.
  • Ralph E. Johnson, Research Associate professor, University of Illinois.
  • James R. Cordy, Professor and Director, School of Computing, Queen's University.
  • Venkat Subramanian, Founder of Agile Development, Inc. and Adjunct Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies CS, University of Houston.

CUSEC 2008: Making it Fun, January 17–19, 2008 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2009: Software (R)evolutions, January 22–24, 2009 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2010: 20 GOTO 10, January 21–23, 2010 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2011: Hello, world, January 13–15, 2011 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2012: Turing Complete, January 19–23, 2012 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2013: System.out, January 17–19, 2013 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2014: January 16–18, 2014 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

  • Bruce Eckel
  • Gary Bernhardt
  • Kelsey Gilmore-Innis
  • Michelle Zatlyn
  • Zach Holman
  • Don Olmstead

CUSEC 2015: January 15–17, 2015 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2016: January 14–16, 2016 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

  • Carina C. Zona
  • Kate Heddleston
  • Michael Bernstein
  • Jeff Hodges
  • Julia Evans

CUSEC 2017: January 12–14, 2017 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

  • Amar Shah
  • Liz Abinante
  • David Nolen
  • Lynn Root
  • Sarah Mei
  • Tracy Osborn

CUSEC 2018: January 11–13, 2018 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

CUSEC 2019: January 10–12, 2019 Montreal, Quebec[edit]

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