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The Canadian Militia is a traditional title given to volunteer forces raised from local communities for the defence of Canada. Militia forces played an instrumental role both under the French regime (prior to 1763) and under British rule (after 1763). It is also the title given to the land forces of Canada from Confederation in 1867 to 1940 when it was renamed the Canadian Army.

The Militia consisted of:

In 1940, PAM was renamed Canadian Army (Active) and the NPAM as Canadian Army (Reserve). The two units were renamed following World War II as Canadian Army Active Force, Canadian Army (Regular) and Canadian Army Reserve Force respectively.

In the 1950s, the reserve force again adopted the title "Militia" and that title has remained an unofficial designation for part-time soldiers of the land forces of the Canadian Forces.

In 1968, the Militia was re-organized for the last time under Mobile Command (and Mobile Command (Reserves)) under the unified Canadian Forces.

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