Canadians in Hong Kong

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Like their American counterparts, a significant number of Canadians live and work in Hong Kong. Many are former Hong Kong residents that left prior to the 1997 handover and later returned when they had a Canadian passport and had some of the fears allayed. Some are non-Chinese who have come to Hong Kong to work. A few actors and numerous business people have ties to Canada.

In February 2011 research from the Asia Pacific Foundation, conducted with Hong Kong Baptist University, suggests there are at least 295,000 Canadians in Hong Kong, which is more than the population of places like Regina or Saskatoon. Near 85% of Canadians in Hong Kong are Canadian-born, a figure higher than in Canada itself (80.2%).[1] This represents the third largest community of Canadians, after Canada itself and the United States. A large portion of these are ethnic Chinese.


Canadian International School of Hong Kong serves Canadians in Hong Kong.


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