Canal Sur 2

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Canal Sur 2
Canal Sur 2 logo.png
Launched 5 June 1998
Owned by Radio y Televisión de Andalucía
Country Andalusia
Formerly called Canal 2 Andalucía (1998–2008)
Sister channel(s) Canal Sur
Website Official site

Canal Sur 2 is the second public television channel from Radio y Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA). It began broadcasting on 5 June 1998, under the name Canal 2 Andalucía.

With the launch of Canal 2 Andalucía, RTVA had to split its television broadcasts to two channels, leaving Canal Sur as a general entertainment and news channel, while Canal 2 Andalucía focuses on cultural, informative, sport and children's programmes.

On 5 June 2008, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the channel, the channel was given a new look and renamed Canal Sur 2.

From October 2012, the channel is to cease broadcasting original material, and will instead be broadcasting the same programmes as Canal Sur.[1]



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