Canal de Montech

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Canal de Montech
Le Canal in Montech, Midi-Pyrenees.jpg
Length 10.9 km (6.8 mi) [1]
Locks 9 [1]
Date of first use 1843 [2]
Start point Canal de Garonne in Montech
End point Tarn River in Montauban
Connects to Tarn River, Canal de Garonne

The Canal de Montech is a 10.9 km waterway in southwestern France connecting the Canal de Garonne in Montech and the Tarn River in Montauban.[1] It is also known as the Montauban Branch (French: l’embranchement de Montauban ).[2]

A lock at Moissac also connects the Canal de Garonne to a lower section of the Tarn. A proposal exists to create a waterway ring, including the Canal de Montech, by restoring navigation to the stretch of the Tarn between Moissac and Montauban.[3]

Port Canal in Montauban[edit]

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Coordinates: 43°57′47″N 1°14′10″E / 43.96306°N 1.23611°E / 43.96306; 1.23611