Canal del Fútbol (Chile)

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Canal del Fútbol
TypeBroadcast Television Network
AvailabilityNational (International via TV Chile)
Slogan"Vivimos fútbol" (We live football)
OwnerWarnerMedia News & Sports (WarnerMedia)
Key people
Jorge Claro (Chairman)
Launch date
April 11, 2003 (as CDF)
2019 (as TNT Sports Chile)
Official website

Canal del Fútbol, also known by its initials CDF, is a privately owned sports pay TV channel of Chile. It launched in 2003 and it was controlled by the Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional, the Chilean football league after of the authorization of sale by the FNE (Fiscalia Nacional Económica) in Chile. Now is operated by Turner International.


Created at the beginning of year 2003 to transmit the national championship, after finalizing contracts of the ANFP with Fox Sports, the satellite signal SKY and National Television of Chile, with which a new agreement was not obtained and it discarded to make a licitation. The leadership headed by Reinaldo Sanchez decided to execute the idea of Clearly consisting of Jorge which the clubs obtain all the benefits of the televising trasmisiones without an intermediary who only took to a part when giving a fixed floor.

Canal del Fútbol - logo 2015.png

At first one projected that the channel is obtained through the operators of cable and mediantes decoders of a UHF signal after the payment of a monthly sum. Finally it was decided on the launching of an operator of satellite television own Zap, in December 2003, besides operating in the television by cable. In 2007, Zap was acquired by the Mexican Telmex, and so it happened to be called Telmex TV. From 2006 Basic signal CDF is sent renombrando first channel CDF Premium. The four parties per date of the championship of first division and some parties of the Chilean Selection of Soccer have the same programming excepting that emits live CDF Premium. The Channel of soccer transmits the parties of the Chilean championship of soccer of the First and Second Divisions. In addition it emits programs of European soccer and other sports. From year 2007, it transmits all the mundialistas parties of classificatorias to South Africa 2010.

Besides the soccers match of the Chilean match, CDF has a diverse programming for its two channels (Básico and Premium), the majority related to soccer. In the Name of Soccer - Pablo Flamm CDF Leads Radio - Relator: Sebastián Rockrose, Commentator: Horacio Rivas, Reporter: Manuel Goatherd Compact of parties of the Closing 2008 Relatores: Edgardo Diaz, Sebastián Jara and Javier Muñoz; Commentators: South American Horacio Rivas and Eliminatory Rodrigo Astorga for South Africa 2010 (2007–2009) Ferro of heart - the life in green Leads Rodrigo Abugarade One by one. Mission Rugby Return In Liga Freestyle TV It arrives of the Ball.

Like owner of the rights, the CDF has the faculty to operate the rights of opening of goals, something unpublished in Chile until 2005. In that one year Channel 13 a legal action on the part of the rest of the channels was adjudged for the first time to the goals generating looking for to protect the right to the information. Nevertheless, the failure was favorable to the CDF seating jurisprudence on the matter. Channel 13 exclusively emitted the goals during the week ends until the midnight of Sundays, when the rest of the channels was qualified to only show the goals but in informative programs. The rest of the programs, even the sport ones, had the option to pay a sum to the CDF to emit the goals. In 2007 after failing an attempt of collective purchase on the part of National Television of Chile, Chilevisión and Mega, this last private network adjudged the compact rights of emission of the parties the day Sunday, before the rest of the channels that will be able to only exhibit the goals during 7 days as of Monday subsequent to the date, under the same conditions that in 2005. The agreement is until end of 2008. This in spite of the efforts and promises of the new president of the ANFP, Harold Mayne-Nicholls to obtain that the goals are in all the open channels.

CDF is available via cable or satellite.

On December 16, 2017 the American company Turner Broadcasting System Latin America stayed with the tender after the multimillion-dollar offer after having surpassed Fox Sports with 3.2 million dollars.

After the sale of the channel to the American company Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, CDF will disappear as a signal and will be replaced by TNT Sports Chile, at the early of 2019.

Sports Coverage of Canal del Fútbol (CDF)[edit]


  • Chilean Primera División (Seven matches per Matchday are broadcast live on CDF (Premium signal) or CDF (Basic signal)) (Match Simulcast live on CDF Básico).
  • Primera B (Five matches per Matchday are broadcast live on CDF (Premium Signal) or CDF (Basic signal)) (Match Simulicast live on CDF Básico).
  • Finals of Third Division (Matches of 1st Leg and 2nd Leg are broadcast live on CDF (Basic Signal)).
  • South American Qualifiers (50 matches that broadcast live on CDF (Basic Signal) and CDF (Premium Signal) shared with Bein Sports and Fox Sports Premium)
  • South American Under-20 Championship (All matches broadcast Live on CDF (Basic Signal) or CDF (Premium Signal)).
  • South American Under-17 Championship (all matches broadcast Live on CDF (Basic Signal) or CDF (Premium Signal)).
  • Copa América (50 matches are broadcast live vía Premium signal or Basic signal from CDF)




  • CDF News
  • Goals of First División (Campeonato Nacional de Primera A)
  • Goals of Second División (Campeonato Nacional de Primera B)

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