Canal do Otário

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Canal do Otário
Canal do Otário's main character: 'Otário Anonymous'
Hosted by Otário Anonymous
Genre Activism
Language Portuguese
Debut 3 February 2012; 5 years ago (2012-02-03)
The logo of Canal do Otário's website
Type of site
Available in Portuguese
Created by Otário Anonymous
Slogan(s) The worst nightmare of people and companies that promote misleading advertisement
Alexa rank

Increase 1,280 ( Brazil, Aug 2014)

Increase 50,160 (Global, Aug 2014)[1]
Commercial No
Launched August 29, 2012; 4 years ago (2012-08-29)[2]
Current status Online

Canal do Otário (lit. Sucker's Channel) is a Brazilian YouTube channel and website,[3] created on February 3, 2012[4] by an anonymous user,[5] whose host is a popular internet figure[6] in Brazil, going by the name of "Otário Anonymous”.[7] Otário investigates false advertising and rants about it on YouTube with a paper bag over his head.[8][9][10]


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal,[7] Otário said he cherishes his anonymity to protect his ability to speak freely and to allow viewers of all demographics to relate to him. In addition to the paper bag on his head, he wears a suit and white gloves to cover his race and age. His speech is distorted into a high-pitch, Mickey Mouse-like voice.[5][11]

During an interview with The Noite, hosted by Danilo Gentili on SBT, Otário said that his anonymity also helps him to stay safe from any threat to his security.[12]



In one popular video,[13] he warns Brazilian consumers about what he says are hidden fees when they invest in a Bradesco S/A mutual fund. "This is what they're doing", he says in the video, imitating an armed robber, firing a warning shot with his fingers and shoving a wad of cash into his pocket. Bradesco said the video was offensive and won a case against Google Inc. on 2012 to remove it from its YouTube platform.[14] Google hasn't yet removed the video and has appealed the case to a federal court in São Paulo.[7]


The video[15] with criticisms about Brazilian Post and Telegraph Corporation (also known as Correios) was banned in Brazilian YouTube through a court order (though it still remains available on YouTube in other countries). The video compares rates in Brazil with other countries and criticizes the state monopoly in the postage sector. By Correios' request, the Brazilian court ordered Google Inc to delete some parts of the video that shows the company's logo, which claimed "improper use of trademark". The decision was taken in November 2013,[16] however, it was only effectively fulfilled in June 2014, coincidentally after the start of the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet. The state-owned company said it will also request the removal of the video on Vimeo, as was done in Google.[17]


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