Canal latéral à l'Aisne

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Canal latéral à l'Aisne
Ecluse Berry-au-Bac 150808 03.jpg
Ecluse Berry-au-Bac
Length 51.3 km (31.9 mi)
Lock length 46 m (151 ft) [1]
Lock width 7.95 m (26.1 ft) [1]
Minimum boat draft 1.8m
Minimum boat air draft 3.5m
Locks 8 [1]
Status Open
Start point Vieux-lès-Asfeld
End point Condé-sur-Aisne
Beginning coordinates 49°27′59″N 4°06′13″E / 49.46645°N 4.10365°E / 49.46645; 4.10365 (easternmost point) [2] [A]
Ending coordinates 49°24′05″N 3°29′03″E / 49.40128°N 3.48430°E / 49.40128; 3.48430 (westernmost point)
Connects to River Aisne, Canal des Ardennes [1]

The Canal latéral à l'Aisne is a canal in northern France, which connects Vieux-lès-Asfeld to Condé-sur-Aisne. It runs alongside the Aisne River. Connections are also made with Canal de l'Oise à l'Aisne in Bourg-et-Comin and Canal de l'Aisne à la Marne at Berry-au-Bac.[1]

En route[edit]

PK shown here is from east to west.


A The exact starting coordinates are hard to compute when two canals merge like this. This point is midpoint between the two cities Vieux-lès-Asfeld and Asfeld as shown on this reference.[2] But, I fear it is south of Vieux-lès-Asfeld??


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