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Canard is French for duck, a type of aquatic bird. In English and in French a canard may mean an unfounded rumor or story.

Canard may refer to:




  • Canard (aeronautics), either a small wing mounted in front of an aircraft's main wings, or an aircraft so configured
  • Aviafiber Canard 2FL, a single seat recreational aircraft of canard design
  • Blériot V canard, an early French aircraft built by Louis Blériot in 1907, and one of the first monoplanes
  • Fabre Hydravion or Le Canard, a French experimental floatplane which first flew in 1910
  • Voisin Canard, aircraft developed by the Voisin brothers


  • Antisemitic canard, a false story inciting antisemitism
  • Canard Pars, fictional character from the Japanese science fiction manga series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray
  • Canard PC, a French magazine devoted to computer gaming
  • Le Canard enchaîné ("The Chained Duck"), French satirical newspaper
  • Bumper canards, small wings attached to the front spoiler of a car

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