Canarina eminii

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Canarina eminii
Scientific classification
C. eminii
Binomial name
Canarina eminii
Canarina eminii Asch. & Schweinf.

Canarina eminii is an epiphytic or terrestrial, usually glaucous, herb. Root thick, often with a corky surface layer. Stems erect and scandent, pendent up to several meters in length, usually with a fine purplish mottling. Leaves triangular to ovate, up to 10 cm long, acute with cordate to cuneate base, dentate, double dentate or double serrate. Corolla funnel-shaped to 7.5 cm long, orange to orange-red with darker venation.


Found in upland and riverine forest, epiphytic or among rocks; altitude range 1600–3200 m. Very similar to C. abyssinica which is not epiphytic and has a slightly lower altitude range. It also lacks the purplish mottling of C. eminii and the leaves are triangular to pentagonal. Kenya: recorded in Elgon, Cheranganis, Tinderet, Mau, the Aberdares and Mount Kenya. Tanzania: recorded in Rungwe, Kiwira Forest. Uganda: recorded in Imatong Mountains and Mbale. Also recorded in Ethiopia, eastern Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi.


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