Canary Wharf Pier

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Canary Wharf Pier
Canary Wharf Pier 2.jpg
A Thames Clipper catamaran calls at Canary Wharf Pier
Type River bus and tourist/leisure services
Locale River Thames, London, UK
Owner Canary Wharf Management Group
Operator Canary Wharf Management Group

The Canary Wharf Pier is a pier on the River Thames in London, UK. It is located to the west of the Canary Wharf district, close to Narrow Street, Limehouse and Westferry Circus.

The pier is served by two commuter oriented services, both operated by Thames Clipper under licence from London River Services. The main commuter service from central London calls at Canary Wharf Pier on a regular basis. The Canary Wharf - Rotherhithe Ferry, also operated by Thames Clippers, links Canary Wharf Pier with Nelson Dock Pier at the Hilton Hotel in Rotherhithe. The service uses smaller boats than the commuter service but runs at a higher frequency of roughly every 10 minutes. The ferry can be used both by guests of the hotel as well as by passengers not staying at the hotel.

There are currently plans to enlarge the pier so that up to three boats can moor simultaneously. Work was scheduled to begin in January 2008,[1] but as of September 2014 only 2 boats can moor simultaneously.

Since 2013 boats have run direct as far as Fulham & Putney (the RB6 service), taking roughly one hour. The evening direct service departs at 1750. Later services to Putney require a five-minute change at Embankment, leaving Canary Wharf at 1758, 1818, 1858, 1918, 1958.[2]



Preceding station   London River Services   Following station
Commuter Service
Terminus Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf Service

Coordinates: 51°30′18.66″N 0°1′43.29″W / 51.5051833°N 0.0286917°W / 51.5051833; -0.0286917



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