Canby School District

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Canby School District
Clackamas County
Greater Canby, Oregon
United States
District information
Type Public
Grades K-12
Superintendent John Steach
Budget $38.3 million[1]
Students and staff
Students 5,013[2]
Other information
High Schools 1
Middle Schools 1
Elementary Schools 5

Canby School District is an 85-square-mile (220 km2) public school district based in Canby, Oregon, United States, and serving students in Canby and the surrounding rural area of Clackamas County, including the community of Carus, parts of the city of Wilsonville, and as far south as the Ninety-One School near Hubbard.[3][4][5] There are approximately 5,000 students enrolled in the district's eight schools, which include five elementary schools, one middle school, one K-8 school, and one high school. The superintendent is Jeff Rose.[6]


In the 2009 school year, the district had 332 students classified as homeless by the Department of Education, or 6.6% of students in the district.[7]


Elementary schools[edit]


As of 2010, Carus Elementary School had an enrollment of 390.[8] Its principal is Sam Thompson.[9]


As of 2008, Eccles Elementary School had an enrollment of 466.[10] Its principal is Betty Rivinus.[11]


As of 2008, Knight Elementary School had an enrollment of 400.[12] Its principal is Christine Taylor.[13]


As of 2008, Lee Elementary School had an enrollment of 411.[14] Its principal is Marilyn Wood.[15]


As of 2011, Trost Elementary School had an enrollment of 582.[16] Its principal is Angie Navarro.

Mixed grade[edit]


As of 2008, Ninety-One School—a K-8 school—had an enrollment of 532.[17] Its principal is Skyler Rodolph.[18] Ninety-One was formed from a merger of five rural schools in 1947. After many heated discussions about what to name the new school, in March 1950 it was named the "Ninety-One Joint School" after what was then School District 91.[19] A month later, the word "joint" was dropped from the name.[19]

Middle school[edit]

Baker Prairie

As of 2008, Baker Prairie Middle School had an enrollment of 493. Its principals are Travis Opperman and Jennifer Turner.[20][21]

High school[edit]

Canby High School

As of 2008, Canby High School had an enrollment of 1,670. The principal is Greg Dinse.


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