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This article is about the Brazilian town. For the Portuguese footballer, see Daniel Candeias.

Candeias is a municipality in Brazil, in the State of Bahia. It is located 46 km in the north of Salvador, the capital of the State of Bahia, The town is near the BR324 motorway. The town has a current population of 78,618 (2007 estimate).[citation needed]

With the 6th highest GDP in the State of Bahia, its major economics activities are: the Port of Aratu which is one of the most important of the Country, the town is based next to the second biggest oil refinery of the country, Landulfo Alves refinery.[citation needed]

Its GDP is R$ 1.698.526.384 (US$ 1,081,863,939) and its HDI is 0,719.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 12°40′04″S 38°33′03″W / 12.66778°S 38.55083°W / -12.66778; -38.55083