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Candela Laser Corporation
Industry Aesthetic Device
Founded Wayland, Massachusetts, United States (1970)
Headquarters Wayland, Massachusetts, United States
Key people
Gerald Puorro, President & CEO
Dr. James C. Hsia, Chief Technical Officer
Jay D. Caplan, Chief Operating Officer
Catherine Kniker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Dennis S. Herman, Senior Vice President, North American Sales
Robert Wilber, Senior Vice President, International Sales
George Abe, Board Member
Products medical lasers for hair removal, tattoo removal, treatment of scars, pigmented lesions, acne vulgaris, acne scars, sebaceous hyperplasia, wrinkles and other aesthetic conditions
Number of employees

Candela Laser Corporation is an American laser company that develops and sells medical lasers for cosmetic use located in Wayland, Massachusetts.


Candela Laser Corporation was founded in 1970.

Innovation and highlights[edit]

Candela has begun to extend its technology to treat a wider range of cosmetic conditions including the treatment of acne and acne scars, minor wrinkles, and even hair removal. This effort is part of a broader campaign to capture a larger market share of the growing cosmetic surgery industry in the United States and abroad. The company has made an effort to promote laser treatment as a safe and easy alternative to electrolysis, botox or traditional surgery.

Candela launches new website to help protect client safety and practices with reliability, liability, service and warranty issues by offering Certification of Pre-owned used cosmetic medical lasers equipment by educating industry with Free Used Laser Buyers Guide, Free Used Laser Sellers Guide including the ordering of a complete Candela Laser Service History Report.



Q-switched Alexandrite laser for removal of multi-colored tattoos and pigmented lesions.

  • C-beam

Effectively treats psoriasis, surgical scars, warts and many other vascular applications.

  • Ellipse I2PL

The next generation of IPL for skin rejuvenation, treating facial redness and pigmentation.

  • GentleLASE Family

Speed, efficacy and ease-of-use in permanent hair reduction, vascular lesions, wrinkle reduction and the treatment of pigmented lesions.

  • GentleYAG Family

Fast, effective permanent hair reduction for every skin type including tanned or dark skin, treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), leg veins, facial veins and skin tightening.

  • Smoothbeam

For the treatment of acne vulgaris, acne scars, wrinkles and sebaceous hyperplasia.

  • Vbeam

The gold standard pulsed dye laser for treatment of a wide variety of vascular lesions and cosmetic applications, including port wine stain birthmarks, facial redness, leg and facial veins and skin rejuvenation by wrinkle reduction, scars, warts and hemangiomas.

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