Candida milleri

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Candida milleri
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Saccharomycetes
Order: Saccharomycetales
Family: Saccharomycetaceae
Genus: Candida
Species: C. milleri
Binomial name
Candida milleri
Yarrow (1978)[1]
  • Torulopsis holmii var. acidi-lactici C.Ramírez & G.Sierra (1956)
  • Torulopsis humilis E.E.Nel & Van der Walt (1968)
  • Torulopsis acidi-lactici Nakase, Komag. & Konishi (1977)

Candida milleri is a species of yeast in the genus Candida. It is present, along with the bacterium Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis, in the production of sourdough bread.


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