Candidates in the New Zealand general election 2005 by electorate

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New Zealand political candidates
in the MMP era

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This page lists candidates in New Zealand's 2005 general election, grouping them by the electorate that they contested. See also candidates by party and party lists.

General electorates[edit]


Name Party Notes
Elsen, Kate Green Party
Goodhew, Jo National Party winner
Lundy, Kerry New Zealand First
Main, Claire Jim Anderton's Progressive
Murray, Kevin ACT New Zealand
Rogers, Mark United Future New Zealand
Sullivan, John Direct Democracy Party
Sutton, Jim Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); elected off party list

Auckland Central[edit]

Name Party Notes
Baragwanath, Susan New Zealand First
Berry, Stephen Libertarianz
Candy, Alan NZ Republicans
Forde, Thomas Independent
Rupa, Dilip Direct Democracy Party
Simpson, Helen ACT New Zealand
Tanczos, Nandor Green Party List MP; elected off party list after death of Rod Donald
Taylor, Steve United Future New Zealand
Tizard, Judith Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Townsend, Petronella Jim Anderton's Progressive
Vincent, Maureen Destiny New Zealand
Wong, Pansy National Party List MP; elected off party list
Yates, Bronwyn Māori Party

Banks Peninsula[edit]

Name Party Notes
Carter, David National Party List MP, elected off party list
Clearwater, Phil Jim Anderton's Progressive
Donald, Rod Green Party party co-leader; List MP; elected off party list, died before first sitting of parliament
Dyson, Ruth Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Loomes, Robin United Future New Zealand
McKenzie, Andrew Alliance
Mann, Alex ACT New Zealand

Bay of Plenty[edit]

Name Party Notes
Brown, Peter New Zealand First List MP; deputy leader, elected off party list
Leigh, Jeff United Future New Zealand
Maxwell, Roberta Destiny New Zealand
Paul, Te Orohi Māori Party
Roberson, Mike Direct Democracy Party
Ryall, Tony National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Scott, Pauline Labour Party
Stephens, Ian Green Party
Stewart-Ward, Veronique Jim Anderton's Progressive

Christchurch Central[edit]

Name Party Notes
Barnett,Tim Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Breach, Anita Destiny New Zealand
Clark, Byron Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Cutler-Welsh, Natalie Green Party
Gardener, Kevin New Zealand First
Gregory, Daryl Māori Party
Marshall, Shirley ACT New Zealand
van Buren, John United Future New Zealand
Vermunt, Annalucia Communist League
Wagner, Nicky National Party elected off party list
Woods, Megan Jim Anderton's Progressive

Christchurch East[edit]

Name Party Notes
Boyd, Linda Alliance
Chapman, Kyle Direct Democracy Party
Dalziel, Lianne Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Hopkinson, Paul Anti-Capitalist Alliance
McCammon, Mary Green Party
O'Connell, Patrick Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
Peters, John ACT New Zealand
Round, David National Party
Silcock, Karen Jim Anderton's Progressive
Wilson, Dianne United Future New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Bayliss, Steve Green Party
Catchpole, Brent New Zealand First List MP; not returned to Parliament
Collins, Judith National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Ene-Ulugia, Lale New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party
Hereora, Dave Labour Party elected off party list
Hill, Brenda Jim Anderton's Progressive
Lee, Mason Destiny New Zealand
Martinovich, Leanne Direct Democracy Party
Ogilvie, Iain ACT New Zealand
Walker, John United Future New Zealand


Name Party Notes
English, Bill National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Fraser, John ACT New Zealand
Guyton, Robert Green Party
Lietze, Joy United Future New Zealand
Mackie, Dave New Zealand First
Talbot, David Labour Party
Webber, David Independent


Name Party Notes
Anderson, Annette Jim Anderton's Progressive
Bassett, Ray ACT New Zealand
Fitzsimons, Jeanette Green Party List MP, Party Co-Leader; MP for Coromandel 1999-2002; elected off party list
Foote, John New Zealand First
Goudie, Sandra National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Johnston, Peter Destiny New Zealand
Purnell, Max Labour Party
Robertson, Lee United Future New Zealand

Dunedin North[edit]

Name Party Notes
Baker-Sherman, Jason Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
Billot, Victor Alliance
Boyack, James Jim Anderton's Progressive
Hodgson, Pete Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Jamieson, Philippa Green Party
Martin, Willie ACT New Zealand
Peters, Mark United Future New Zealand
Rich, Katherine National Party List MP; elected off party list

Dunedin South[edit]

Name Party Notes
Benson-Pope, David Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Daglish, Brent Destiny New Zealand
Ford, Chris Alliance
Heward, Alan New Zealand First
Moffat, Pauline United Future New Zealand
Powell, Conway National Party
Thomlinson, Peter Green Party
Vaughan, Martin Jim Anderton's Progressive
Wansink, Robert Restore All Things in Christ
Wilden, Alan ACT New Zealand

East Coast[edit]

open seat - incumbent Labour MP Janet Elsdon Mackey retired in 2005

Name Party Notes
Delahunty, Catherine Green Party
Glen, Joe New Zealand First
Harré, John Māori Party
Mackey, Moana Labour Party List MP; elected off party list
Sadler, Bill Destiny New Zealand
Tolley, Anne National Party Former MP 1999-02; winner
Turner, Judy United Future New Zealand List MP; elected off party list

East Coast Bays[edit]

Name Party Notes
Adams, Paul Independent Former United Future List MP; not returned to Parliament
Beazley, Fiona Jim Anderton's Progressive
Elley, Jeanette Green Party
Fahy, Patrick Direct Democracy Party
Kapa, Rahuia Māori Party
Martin, Anne New Zealand First
McCracken, Hamish Labour Party
McCully, Murray National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Steemson, John Democrats For Social Credit
Stone, Andrew ACT New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Ashrafi, Fatima Jim Anderton's Progressive
Chan, Tin Direct Democracy Party
Gabb, Rod Destiny New Zealand
Hide, Rodney ACT New Zealand List MP, Party Leader, winner
Locke, Keith Green Party List MP; elected from party list
Nash, Stuart Labour Party
Tuck, Janet United Future New Zealand
van den Heuvel, Anthony Human Rights
Worth, Richard National Party Incumbent (defeated); returned to Parliament off party list

Hamilton East[edit]

Name Party Notes
Archer, Adam United Future New Zealand
Banks, Peter Jim Anderton's Progressive
Bennett, David National Party winner
Biasiny-Tule, Potaua Māori Party
Howard, Daniel Green Party
Mallett, Garry ACT New Zealand
Phillips, Jared Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Thomsen, Robin Libertarianz
Woolerton, Doug New Zealand First List MP; elected off party list
Yates, Dianne Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); elected off party list

Hamilton West[edit]

Name Party Notes
Bains, Sukhdev Jim Anderton's Progressive
Cox, Steve ACT New Zealand
Gallagher, Martin Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Gielen, Jack The Republic Of New Zealand Party
Gudgeon, Bill New Zealand First List MP; not returned to Parliament
Jackson, Robyn United Future New Zealand
Macindoe, Tim National Party
Moxon, Tureiti Māori Party
Suresh, Vatsyayann Independent
Wikiriwhi, Tim Libertarianz


Name Party Notes
Aaron, Julian Jim Anderton's Progressive
Deeth, Andrea United Future New Zealand
Hudson, Awa Māori Party
Jones, Dail New Zealand First List MP; not returned at election, but returned to Parliament on the resignation of Brian Donnelly
Key, John National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Koster, Helen Direct Democracy Party
Langford-Tebby, Stephen ACT New Zealand
Lawley, Judy Labour Party

Hutt South[edit]

Name Party Notes
Bruce, Paul Green Party
Howison, Philip Libertarianz
Knight, David Destiny New Zealand
Levarko, Howard New Zealand First
Mallard, Trevor Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
McSeveney, Jack Independent
Mitchell, Lindsay ACT New Zealand
Ropata, Maraea Māori Party
Smith, Murray United Future New Zealand List MP; not returned to Parliament
Thomas, Rosemarie National Party


Name Party Notes
Alexander, Marc United Future New Zealand List MP; not returned to Parliament
Anderson, Blair Independent
Blanchard, Julian Labour Party
Brownlee, Gerry National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Findley, Quentin Alliance
Giles, Jo ACT New Zealand
Griffiths, Lois Green Party
Zhang, Zemin Jim Anderton's Progressive


open seat - Sitting MP Mark Peck retired in 2005

Name Party Notes
Beker, Ian ACT New Zealand
Carson, Craig Green Party
Guy, Craig Direct Democracy Party
Haremate-Crawford, Gina Māori Party
Harpur, Wayne Labour Party
Kennard, Ralph United Future New Zealand
Roy, Eric National Party Former MP; winner
Stirling, Bruce Democrats For Social Credit
Taefu, Heka Jim Anderton's Progressive


open seat - incumbent National MP Lynda Scott retired in 2005

Name Party Notes
Browning, Steffan Green Party
Burns, Brendon Labour Party
Cowan, Brett Māori Party
Howard, Ted Independent
King, Colin National Party winner
Kleis, Greg Alliance
Maurice, John Jim Anderton's Progressive
O'Sullivan, Pat ACT New Zealand
Westley, Kaikoura United Future New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Anderson, Jason Direct Democracy Party
Buchanan, Kelly Alliance
Collins, Michael ACT New Zealand
Finlayson, Chris National Party elected off party list
Freemantle, Jasmine Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Gunson, Robin United Future New Zealand
Harvey, Nicola Green Party
Hosking, Sonny Māori Party
Laban, Winnie Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Leiasamaivao, Tala Destiny New Zealand
Leleisiuao, Fale Jim Anderton's Progressive


Name Party Notes
Field, Taito Phillip Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Greening, Toa New Zealand First
Matthews, Solomon Māori Party
Muller, Mark Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Pa'o Williams, Susi New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party
Po'e, Tala Jim Anderton's Progressive
Richards, Len Alliance
Saafi, Edward Destiny New Zealand
Simich, Clem National Party Former MP for Tamaki; returned off party list
Strickson-Pua, Mua Green Party
Teio, Paul Direct Democracy Party
Wilson, Neville United Future New Zealand

Manukau East[edit]

Name Party Notes
Barnard, Trevor Jim Anderton's Progressive
Bentley, Irene Green Party
Lewis, Richard Destiny New Zealand Party Leader
Ovens, Jill Alliance Party Co-Leader
Parkash, Ram United Future New Zealand
Perese, Seira Direct Democracy Party
Po-Wihongi, Tapu Anne New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party
Robertson, Ross Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Stevens, Hamish ACT New Zealand
Subramanian, Raj Independent
Tahere, Mama Tere Strickland Māori Party
Yee, Ken National Party


Name Party Notes
Aiono, Fepulea'i Ulua'ipou-O-Malo National Party
Alp, Kelvyn Direct Democracy Party Party Leader
Fepulea'i, Amelia Malia New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party
Hawkins, George Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Hinton, Noel United Future New Zealand
Komene, Patrick Destiny New Zealand
McLean, Rangi Māori Party
Palmer, Lindy New Zealand First
Protheroe, Paul Alliance
Singh, Raghbir Jim Anderton's Progressive
Snelgar, Glen ACT New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Anderson, Alastair Direct Democracy Party
Berg, Bevan NZ Republicans
Brown, Patrick Communist League
Fonua, Sione Jim Anderton's Progressive
Goldsmith, Paul National Party
Gosche, Mark Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Lorenz, Michelle ACT New Zealand
Ogilvy, Bernie United Future New Zealand List MP; not returned to Parliament
Puru, Bill Māori Party
Qualtrough, Paul Green Party
Reid, Christine New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party
So'e, Ned Destiny New Zealand
Williams, Joe New Zealand First Former Cook Islands PM

Mount Albert[edit]

Name Party Notes
Bagnall, James Independent
Batchelor, Julian New Zealand First
Carapiet, John Green Party
Clark, Helen Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected), Prime Minister
Gordon, Tony United Future New Zealand
Musuku, Ravi National Party
Ponga, Howard Direct Democracy Party
Ravlich, Anthony Human Rights
Seymour, David ACT New Zealand
Taylor, Erik Independent
Whitmore, Daphna Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Williamson, Anne Destiny New Zealand
Wilson, Jenny Jim Anderton's Progressive

Mount Roskill[edit]

Name Party Notes
Amirapu, Sukerna Jim Anderton's Progressive
Ane, Brian Destiny New Zealand
Barter, Richard United Future New Zealand
Blue, Jackie National Party elected from party list
Goff, Phil Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Scott, Barry Direct Democracy Party
Wang, Kenneth ACT New Zealand List MP; not returned to Parliament


Name Party Notes
Creighton, Terry Green Party
Fairbrother, Russell Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); returned to parliament from party list
Mist, James New Zealand First
Sinnott, Stephen Destiny New Zealand
Tremain, Chris National Party winner
Turner, Graham United Future New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Barber, Nick Christian Heritage NZ
Fitzsimon, Anne Māori Party
Heine, Mike ACT New Zealand
McAlpine, Jacqueline Jim Anderton's Progressive
McCutcheon, Jen Labour Party
Newey, Rex Direct Democracy Party
Smith, Nick National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Thomson, Jason Destiny New Zealand
Ward, Mike Green Party List MP; not returned to Parliament
Wells, Dennis United Future New Zealand

New Lynn[edit]

Name Party Notes
Burch, Gary Direct Democracy Party
Cunliffe, David Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Drake, Anne United Future New Zealand
Green, Richard Green Party
Harris, Mita National Party
Kazemi Yazdi, Mohammad Jim Anderton's Progressive
Penney, Karen Destiny New Zealand
Steinijans, Barbara ACT New Zealand

New Plymouth[edit]

Name Party Notes
Brown, Sarah Green Party
Collier, Matt United Future New Zealand
Duynhoven, Harry Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Irving, Moira National Party
Kane, Rusty Independent
O'Connor, Kerry ACT New Zealand
Roberts, Kerin Destiny New Zealand
Ruakere, Tony Māori Party
Smith, Kevin Direct Democracy Party
Webber, Mike Libertarianz

North Shore[edit]

Name Party Notes
Gillon, Paula Jim Anderton's Progressive
Harrison, Raewyn Māori Party
Kearney, Nick ACT New Zealand
Mapp, Wayne National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Murphy, Michael Libertarianz
Tizard, Ross United Future New Zealand
Twyford, Phil Labour Party


Name Party Notes
Coleman, Jonathan National Party winner
Dawson, Dianne ACT New Zealand
Gillon, Grant Jim Anderton's Progressive Former MP
Hartley, Ann Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); returned off Party list
Heslop, Nigel Destiny New Zealand
Linton, Peter Libertarianz
Manning, Trevor New Zealand First
Stone, Beth United Future New Zealand
Waaka, Frances Māori Party


Name Party Notes
Bradford, Sue Green Party List MP; returned off party list
Carter, John National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Isaachsen, David Destiny New Zealand
Johnson, Phil United Future New Zealand
Jones, Shane Labour Party elected from party list
McClelland, Tom ACT New Zealand
Peri, Malcolm Māori Party
Peters, Jim New Zealand First List MP; not re-elected
Pistorius, Julian Libertarianz
Whaanga, Mel Direct Democracy Party


Name Party Notes
Chauvel, Charles Labour Party entered house after resignation of Jim Sutton in 2006
Cross, Colin Libertarianz
Dunne, Peter United Future New Zealand Incumbent (re-elected), Party Leader
Manu, Tim New Zealand First
Roy, Heather ACT New Zealand List MP; elected off party list
Sandys, Elspeth Jim Anderton's Progressive
Sapsford, Roland Green Party
Shanks, Katrina National Party entered house upon resignation of Don Brash in 2006


Name Party Notes
Dean, Jacqui National Party winner
Eckhoff, Gerry ACT New Zealand List MP; not re-elected
Guy, Simon Direct Democracy Party
Parker, David Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); elected off party list
Pearce, Jane Green Party
Prosser, Richard Democrats For Social Credit
Silcock, Barry Jim Anderton's Progressive
Telford, Gerald United Future New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Atack, Robert Direct Democracy Party
Brown, Diane United Future New Zealand
Ewing-Jarvie, Simon ACT New Zealand
Fisher, Nick Green Party
Franklin, Russell Jim Anderton's Progressive
Guy, Nathan National Party elected off party list
Hughes, Darren Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Jeune, Margaret Alliance
Orzecki, Richard Māori Party
Perry, Chris New Zealand First


Name Party Notes
Baron, Steve Independent
Jacobsen, Bronny ACT New Zealand
Jesze, David Destiny New Zealand
Ly, Meng Jim Anderton's Progressive
McInnes, Ian United Future New Zealand
McQueen, Ewen Christian Heritage NZ Party Leader
Moore, Kevin Direct Democracy Party
Paraone, Pita New Zealand First List MP; elected off party list
Williamson, Maurice National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Wood, Michael Labour Party

Palmerston North[edit]

Name Party Notes
Chatha, Arshad Independent
Maharey, Steve Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
O'Halloran, Lawrence Green Party
Odering, Graham New Zealand First
Patchett, Dawn Jim Anderton's Progressive
Pederson, Garry United Future New Zealand
Plimmer, Malcolm National Party


Name Party Notes
Awa, Hori Māori Party
Davies, Mark ACT New Zealand
Donald, Ian Jim Anderton's Progressive
Lee, Stephen Green Party
Moroney, Sue Labour Party elected off party list
Ranby, Colin Destiny New Zealand
Seddon, Martyn United Future New Zealand
Stewart, Barbara New Zealand First List MP; elected off party list
Tisch, Lindsay National Party Incumbent (re-elected)

Port Waikato[edit]

Name Party Notes
Daw, Bob New Zealand First
Hart, Steven The Republic Of New Zealand Party
Hutchison, Paul National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Keven, Rod Destiny New Zealand
Olsen, David ACT New Zealand
Panirau, Max Jim Anderton's Progressive
Peita, Josie Māori Party
Prasad, Jayati United Future New Zealand
Stratton, Craig Direct Democracy Party
Wall, Louisa Labour Party entered house in 2008 after retirement of Ann Hartley


Name Party Notes
Barr, Graeme United Future New Zealand
Connell, Brian National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Davidson, Brian ACT New Zealand
Main, Philippa Jim Anderton's Progressive
Mathers, Mojo Green Party
Milne, Tony Labour Party


Name Party Notes
Brown, Marilyn Labour Party
Hepi, Abe Māori Party
Moodie, Rob United Future New Zealand
Peirce, Richard Rangitikei First
Power, Simon National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Strawbridge, Murray New Zealand First
Waugh, John ACT New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Fowler, David New Zealand First
Kearney, Nigel ACT New Zealand
Leddy, Mike National Party
McClelland, Bernard United Future New Zealand
Morris, Michael Green Party
Reynolds, Dave Independent
Swain, Paul Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)


Name Party Notes
Brown, Chris ACT New Zealand
Dick, Adell Māori Party
Dunlop, Tony Labour Party
Evans, Graham Green Party
McNair, Craig New Zealand First List MP; not re-elected
Mountain, Peter United Future New Zealand
Punter, Colin Direct Democracy Party
Sharrock, Tony Jim Anderton's Progressive
Smith, Lockwood National Party Incumbent (re-elected)


Name Party Notes
Bell, Vladimir Jim Anderton's Progressive
Brooks, Jocelyn Alliance
Copeland, Gordon United Future New Zealand List MP; elected off party list
Highfield, Luci Green Party
King, Annette Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Love, Morris Māori Party
Middleton, Gavin ACT New Zealand
Young, Nicola National Party


Name Party Notes
Chadwick, Stephanie Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Herbert, Elaine Destiny New Zealand
Judd, Russell United Future New Zealand
Peterson, Carl ACT New Zealand
Saville, Raewyn Green Party
Stehbens, Gilbert National Party
Tabuteau, Fletcher New Zealand First


Incumbent Clem Simich is standing down to contest Mangere

Name Party Notes
Boyle, Leila Labour Party
Burch, Grant Direct Democracy Party
Graydon, Greg United Future New Zealand
Peachey, Allan National Party winner
Robson, Matt Jim Anderton's Progressive List MP; not re-elected
Shirley, Ken ACT New Zealand List MP; not re-elected
Webster, Brett New Zealand First

Taranaki-King Country[edit]

Name Party Notes
Ardern, Shane National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Copeland, Anne United Future New Zealand
Harrison, Tony Destiny New Zealand
Jones, Mark Christian Heritage NZ
Smith, Bill Jim Anderton's Progressive
Steele, Richard ACT New Zealand
Street, Maryan Labour Party elected off party list


Name Party Notes
Burton, Mark Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Campbell Smith, Kristin New Zealand First
Check, Paul United Future New Zealand
Davis, John Green Party
Jollands, Andrew ACT New Zealand
Kirton, Weston National Party
Maea, Billy Māori Party
Potroz, Debbie The Republic Of New Zealand Party
Reeks, David Jim Anderton's Progressive
Te Kowhai, Charles Destiny New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Baldock, Larry United Future New Zealand List MP; not returned to Parliament
Barrett, Sally Labour Party
Clarkson, Bob National Party winner
Denz, Frances ACT New Zealand
Jensen, Neils Destiny New Zealand
Lall, Karandeep Singh Jim Anderton's Progressive
Peters, Winston New Zealand First Incumbent (defeated), Party Leader; elected off party list
Peterson, Noel Green Party
Ransom, Katherine Democrats For Social Credit
Watkins, Russell Libertarianz

Te Atatu[edit]

Name Party Notes
Browne-Knowles, Stella New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party
Carter, Chris Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Davis, Moetu New Zealand First
Dewar, Kath Green Party
Haycock, Bruce ACT New Zealand
Henare, Tau National Party Former New Zealand First MP; elected off party list
Hughes, Adele Equal Values
Jenkins, Betty Christian Heritage NZ
Kotoisuva, John Destiny New Zealand
Martin, Kelvin Māori Party
Roy, Pavitra Jim Anderton's Progressive
Trichon, Gregory Direct Democracy Party
van Kempen, Jo United Future New Zealand
van Ruyssevelt, Bob Alliance


Name Party Notes
Barker, Rick Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); elected off party list
Burch, Scott Direct Democracy Party
Earth, Liz Green Party
Foss, Craig National Party winner
Ormond, John ACT New Zealand
Smith, Jocelyn United Future New Zealand
Tomoana, Ngahiwi Māori Party


Name Party Notes
Britnell, Michael Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
Cosgrove, Clayton Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Holdaway, Rebekah ACT New Zealand
Liefting, Alan Green Party
Mark, Ron New Zealand First List MP; elected off party list
Orme, Jason Direct Democracy Party
Pickering, John United Future New Zealand
Wilkinson, Kate National Party List MP; elected off party list
Wright, John Jim Anderton's Progressive Former MP


Incumbent Labour MP Georgina Beyer stood as a list only candidate in 2005

Name Party Notes
Bleakley, Claire Green Party
Hayes, John National Party winner
MacKenzie, Denise Labour Party
Perry, Edwin New Zealand First List MP; not returned to Parliament
Reeves, Graeme United Future New Zealand
Tulloch, Graeme ACT New Zealand
Walker, Cissie Māori Party


Name Party Notes
Baral, Hannah United Future New Zealand
Bennett, Paula National Party elected off party list
Clendon, David Green Party
Covich, Alona Direct Democracy Party
Ethel, Sandra Alliance
Green, Stan Destiny New Zealand
Joe, Charles Māori Party
Parkyn, David Jim Anderton's Progressive
Pillay, Lynne Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Riddell, John ACT New Zealand
Stewart, Brendan New Zealand First
Ulberg, John New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party

Wellington Central[edit]

Name Party Notes
Appleby, Michael Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party Party Leader
Blumsky, Mark National Party elected off party list
Darnton, Bernard Libertarianz Party Leader
Franks, Stephen ACT New Zealand List MP; not returned to Parliament
Hay, Stephen Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Hobbs, Marian Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Kedgley, Sue Green Party List MP; returned off party list
McKenzie, Fiona United Future New Zealand
O'Connell, Kane Alliance
Somerset, David Jim Anderton's Progressive

West Coast-Tasman[edit]

Name Party Notes
Auchinvole, Chris National Party elected off party list
Blight, Derek Christian Heritage NZ
Davies, Richard Green Party
Gill, Kevin ACT New Zealand
Holland, Lew Jim Anderton's Progressive
O'Connor, Damien Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Osborne, Milton United Future New Zealand - Outdoor Rec
Wilkinson, Steve Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party


Name Party Notes
Ball, David United Future New Zealand
Borrows, Chester National Party winner
Brougham, Ian Onenz Party
Lucas, Debbie Jim Anderton's Progressive
Makutu, Aaron Māori Party
Milnes, John Green Party
Murchie, Malcolm Democrats For Social Credit
Pettis, Jill Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); returned off party list


Name Party Notes
Armstrong, Moea Green Party
Chalmers, Paul Labour Party
Donnelly, Brian New Zealand First List MP; returned from party list
Ford, Tony Destiny New Zealand
Heatley, Phil National Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Hughes, Helen Libertarianz
Hunt, Craig United Future New Zealand
Newman, Muriel ACT New Zealand deputy leader; List MP; not returned
Shepherd, Viv Jim Anderton's Progressive
Tawhiao, Rangi Ngati Huna Māori Party


Name Party Notes
Anderton, Jim Jim Anderton's Progressive Incumbent (re-elected), Party Leader
Dowie, Tom Alliance
Emile, Tetauru ACT New Zealand
Foljambe, Anton Direct Democracy Party
Hansen, Michael Economic Euthenics
Kingi, Sam Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Lomax, Allison National Party
Mora, Mike Labour Party
Roberts, Vanessa United Future New Zealand
Roswell, Brian New Zealand First
Suggate, Richard Green Party

Māori electorates[edit]


Name Party Notes
Horomia, Parekura Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Poananga, Atareta Māori Party
Te Kani, Tauha Destiny New Zealand


Name Party Notes
Greensill, Angeline Māori Party
Mahuta, Nanaia Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Pope, Andrew Independent
Solomon, Hadyn Destiny New Zealand

Tamaki Makaurau[edit]

Name Party Notes
Hemahema-Tamati, Tauwehe Destiny New Zealand
Opai, Eugene Direct Democracy Party
Rerekura, Sam Independent
Sharples, Pita Māori Party Party Co-Leader, winner
Tamihere, John Labour Party Incumbent (defeated)

Te Tai Hauauru[edit]

Name Party Notes
Mason, Errol Labour Party
Te Wano, Hemi Destiny New Zealand
Turia, Tariana Māori Party Incumbent (winner), Party Co-Leader

Te Tai Tokerau[edit]

Name Party Notes
Daniels, Judy Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
Harawira, Hone Māori Party winner
Mangu, Mere Independent
Maxwell, Hana Independent
Morton, Ernest Destiny New Zealand
Samuels, Dover Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); elected off party list

Te Tai Tonga[edit]

Name Party Notes
Caldwell, Russell Jim Anderton's Progressive
Ohia, Monte Māori Party
Okeroa, Mahara Labour Party Incumbent (re-elected)
Samuel, Maru Destiny New Zealand
Turei, Metiria Green Party List MP; elected off party list


Name Party Notes
Flavell, Te Ururoa Māori Party winner
Ririnui, Mita Labour Party Incumbent (defeated); elected off party list
Vercoe, Hawea Destiny New Zealand

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