Candidates nominated to run for the 2011 election of the Northern Ireland Assembly

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This is a complete list of candidates nominated to run for the 2011 election of the Northern Ireland Assembly.[1] 14 parties fielded a total of 218 candidates across Northern Ireland's 18, six-member constituencies. Of the 218 candidates fielded, 38 were women.

Constituency Name Party
East Antrim Geraldine Mulvenna Alliance Party
East Antrim Stewart Dickson Alliance Party
East Antrim Steven Moore British National Party
East Antrim Alastair Ross DUP
East Antrim David Hilditch DUP
East Antrim Gordon Lyons DUP
East Antrim Sammy Wilson DUP
East Antrim Daniel Donnelly Green Party
East Antrim Justin McCamphill SDLP
East Antrim Oliver McMullan Sinn Féin
East Antrim Ruth Wilson TUV
East Antrim Rodney McCune UUP
East Antrim Roy Beggs UUP
East Belfast Chris Lyttle Alliance Party
East Belfast Judith Cochrane Alliance Party
East Belfast Ann Cooper British National Party
East Belfast Peter Robinson DUP
East Belfast Robin Newton DUP
East Belfast Sammy Douglas DUP
East Belfast Martin Gregg Green Party
East Belfast Dawn Purvis Independent
East Belfast Stephen Stewart Independent
East Belfast Brian Ervine PUP
East Belfast Magdalena Wolska SDLP
East Belfast Niall Ó Donnghaile Sinn Féin
East Belfast Tommy Black Socialist Party
East Belfast Harry Toan TUV
East Belfast Michael Copeland UUP
East Belfast Philip Robinson UUP
East Belfast Kevin McNally Workers Party
East Londonderry Barney Fitzpatrick Alliance Party
East Londonderry Adrian McQuillan DUP
East Londonderry Gregory Campbell DUP
East Londonderry George Robinson DUP
East Londonderry David McClarty Independent
East Londonderry John Dallat SDLP
East Londonderry Thomas Conway SDLP
East Londonderry Bernadette Archibald Sinn Féin
East Londonderry Cathal Ó hOisin Sinn Féin
East Londonderry Boyd Douglas TUV
East Londonderry David Harding UUP
East Londonderry Lesley Macauley UUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Hannah Su Alliance Party
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Arlene Foster DUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Maurice Morrow DUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Pat Cox Independent
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Michelle Gildernew SDLP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Tommy Gallagher SDLP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Phil Flanagan Sinn Féin
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Sean Lynch Sinn Féin
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Alex Elliott TUV
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Kenny Donaldson UUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Tom Elliott UUP
Foyle Keith McGrellis Alliance Party
Foyle William Hay DUP
Foyle Paul McFadden Independent
Foyle Terry Doherty Independent
Foyle Eamonn McCann People Before Profit Alliance
Foyle Colum Eastwood SDLP
Foyle Mark H Durkan SDLP
Foyle Pól Callaghan SDLP
Foyle Pat Ramsey SDLP
Foyle Martina Anderson Sinn Féin
Foyle Paul Fleming Sinn Féin
Foyle Raymond McCartney Sinn Féin
Lagan Valley Trevor Lunn Alliance Party
Lagan Valley Brenda Hale DUP
Lagan Valley Edwin Poots DUP
Lagan Valley Jonathan Craig DUP
Lagan Valley Paul Givan DUP
Lagan Valley Conor Quinn Green Party
Lagan Valley Pat Catney SDLP
Lagan Valley Mary-Kate Quinn Sinn Féin
Lagan Valley Lyle Rea TUV
Lagan Valley Basil McCrea UUP
Lagan Valley Mark Hill UUP
Mid-Ulster Michael McDonald Alliance Party
Mid-Ulster Ian McCrea DUP
Mid-Ulster Gary McCann Independent
Mid-Ulster Hugh McCloy Independent
Mid-Ulster Harry Hutchinson People Before Profit Alliance
Mid-Ulster Austin Kelly SDLP
Mid-Ulster Patsy McGlone SDLP
Mid-Ulster Francie Molloy Sinn Féin
Mid-Ulster Ian Milne Sinn Féin
Mid-Ulster Martin McGuinness Sinn Féin
Mid-Ulster Michelle O'Neill Sinn Féin
Mid-Ulster Walter Millar TUV
Mid-Ulster Sandra Overend UUP
Newry and Armagh David Murphy Alliance Party
Newry and Armagh William Irwin DUP
Newry and Armagh James Malone Independent
Newry and Armagh Dominic Bradley SDLP
Newry and Armagh Thomas O\'Hanlon SDLP
Newry and Armagh Cathal Boylan Sinn Féin
Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy Sinn Féin
Newry and Armagh Mickey Brady Sinn Féin
Newry and Armagh Barrie Halliday TUV
Newry and Armagh Robert Woods UKIP
Newry and Armagh Danny Kennedy UUP
North Antrim Jayne Dunlop Alliance Party
North Antrim David McIlveen DUP
North Antrim Evelyne Robinson DUP
North Antrim Mervyn Storey DUP
North Antrim Paul Frew DUP
North Antrim Declan O\'Loan SDLP
North Antrim Daithi McKay Sinn Féin
North Antrim Audrey Patterson TUV
North Antrim Jim Allister TUV
North Antrim Bill Kennedy UUP
North Antrim Robin Swann UUP
North Belfast Billy Webb Alliance Party
North Belfast Nelson McCausland DUP
North Belfast Paula Bradley DUP
North Belfast William Humphrey DUP
North Belfast Raymond McCord Independent
North Belfast Alban Maginness SDLP
North Belfast Caral Ni Chuilin Sinn Sinn Féin
North Belfast Gerry Kelly Sinn Féin
North Belfast JJ Magee Sinn Féin
North Belfast Fred Cobain UUP
North Belfast John Lavery Workers Party
North Down Stephen Farry Alliance Party
North Down Anne Wilson Alliance Party
North Down Alex Easton DUP
North Down Gordon Dunne DUP
North Down Peter Weir DUP
North Down Steven Agnew Green Party
North Down Alan Chambers Independent
North Down Alan McFarland Independent
North Down Liam Logan SDLP
North Down Conor Keenan Sinn Féin
North Down Fred McGlade UKIP
North Down Colin Breen UUP
North Down Leslie Cree UUP
South Antrim David Ford Alliance Party
South Antrim Stephen Parkes British National Party
South Antrim Pam Lewis DUP
South Antrim Paul Girvan DUP
South Antrim Trevor Clarke DUP
South Antrim Thomas Burns SDLP
South Antrim Mitchel McLaughlin Sinn Féin
South Antrim Mel Lucas TUV
South Antrim Adrian Cochrane-Wilson UUP
South Antrim Danny Kinahan UUP
South Belfast Anna Lo Alliance Party
South Belfast Jimmy Spratt DUP
South Belfast Ruth Patterson DUP
South Belfast Clare Bailey Green Party
South Belfast Brian Faloon People Before Profit Alliance
South Belfast Samuel Smyth Procapitalism
South Belfast Alasdair McDonnell SDLP
South Belfast Conall McDevitt SDLP
South Belfast Alex Maskey Sinn Féin
South Belfast Paddy Meehan Socialist Party
South Belfast Nico Torregrosa UKIP
South Belfast Mark Finlay UUP
South Belfast Michael McGimpsey UUP
South Belfast Paddy Lynn Workers Party
South Down David Griffin Alliance Party
South Down Jim Wells DUP
South Down Cadogan Enright Green Party
South Down Eamonn O\'Neill SDLP
South Down Karen McKevitt SDLP
South Down Margaret Ritchie SDLP
South Down Caitriona Ruane Sinn Féin
South Down Naomi Bailie Sinn Féin
South Down Willie Clarke Sinn Féin
South Down Henry Reilly UKIP
South Down John McCallister UUP
Strangford Kieran McCarthy Alliance Party
Strangford Billy Walker DUP
Strangford Jonathan Bell DUP
Strangford Michelle McIlveen DUP
Strangford Simon Hamilton DUP
Strangford Joe Boyle SDLP
Strangford Mickey Coogan Sinn Féin
Strangford Terry Williams TUV
Strangford Cecil Andrews UKIP
Strangford David McNarry UUP
Strangford Mike Nesbitt UUP
Upper Bann Harry Hamilton Alliance Party
Upper Bann Sheila McQuaid Alliance Party
Upper Bann Stephen Moutray DUP
Upper Bann Sydney Anderson DUP
Upper Bann Dolores Kelly SDLP
Upper Bann John O\'Dowd Sinn Féin
Upper Bann Johnny McGibbon Sinn Féin
Upper Bann David Vance TUV
Upper Bann Barbara Trotter UKIP
Upper Bann Colin McCusker UUP
Upper Bann Joanne Dobson UUP
Upper Bann Sam Gardiner UUP
West Belfast Dan McGuinness Alliance Party
West Belfast Brian Kingston DUP
West Belfast Brian Pelan Independent
West Belfast Gerry Carroll People Before Profit Alliance
West Belfast Alex Attwood SDLP
West Belfast Colin Keenan SDLP
West Belfast Fra McCann Sinn Féin
West Belfast Jennifer McCann Sinn Féin
West Belfast Paul Maskey Sinn Féin
West Belfast Sue Ramsey Sinn Féin
West Belfast Pat Sheehan Sinn Féin
West Belfast Pat Lawlor Socialist Party
West Belfast Bill Manwaring UUP
West Belfast John Lowry Workers Party
West Tyrone Eric Bullick Alliance Party
West Tyrone Allan Bresland DUP
West Tyrone Thomas Buchanan DUP
West Tyrone Eugene McMenamin Independent
West Tyrone Paddy McGowan Independent
West Tyrone Joe Byrne SDLP
West Tyrone Barry McElduff Sinn Féin
West Tyrone Declan McAleer Sinn Féin
West Tyrone Michaela Boyle Sinn Féin
West Tyrone Pat Doherty Sinn Féin
West Tyrone Ross Hussey UUP


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