Candix Records

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Candix Records
Founded 1960 (1960)
Founder Robert Dix
Richard Dix
William Canaday Silva
Defunct 1962 (1962)
Country of origin U.S.
Location 7060 Hollywood Boulevard #221, Los Angeles, California

Candix Records was an independent American record label known primarily for releasing The Beach Boys' first single, "Surfin'". Candix A&R man Joe Saraceno and Buckeye Distributors' Russ Regan are attributed with renaming The Pendletones as The Beach Boys, in an attempt to make them more marketable.

Incorporated on 26 August 1960, with an office at 7060 Hollywood Boulevard #221 in Los Angeles, the name Candix derives from its founders Robert Dix (December 4, 1915 – November 6, 2006), his twin brother Richard (died April 7, 1999) and William Canaday Silva (d. 1978).

The record label reportedly went bankrupt in May 1962 (although as it was still releasing records in August, this seems unlikely), just five months after The Beach Boys released "Surfin". The label's 'cash flow' problems became a source of some bitterness in the Beach Boys' camp, the group having only received a total of $990 in royalties from a record that had made the top 5 in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County, become a top hitpick in San Francisco, and made the national charts for some weeks.


No. Artist Titles Rel.
300 (unknown)  ?/?[nb 1] 9/60
301 Ethan Du Veaux Undertow/Magnifique 9/60
302 Johnny MacRae Betcha Johnny Knows/The Lonely Years 9/60
303 Russ Regan and The Rowdies The Waterboy/Night Search 10/60
304 Lanny Duncan Romeo's Teacher/Why Did We Say Goodbye 10/60
305 Lou Rawls In My Little Black Book/Just Thought You'd Like To Know  ?/60
306 The Sensationals Once In A While/Snow White Winter 11/60
307 The Hi-Tones I've Never Seen A Straight Banana/The Special Day  ?/60
308 Solid Jackson East LA/Speedy Gonzalez  ?/60
309 Don and Marty Mandolin Rock/Fidel And Raul  ?/60
310 Faye Reis Don't'cha Break My Heart/How Much Longer 12/60
311 Theola Kilgore The Sound Of My Man/Later I'll Cry 12/60
312 Lou Rawls 80 Ways/When We Get Old 1/61
313 Sue Black It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Take Me 1/61
314 The Frogmen Underwater/The Mad Rush [#44] 3/61
315 Eddy Drake Passing Time Between Heartaches/Learning To Live Alone  ?/61
316 Lanny Duncan Tummy Tickles/Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me  ?/61
316 Lanny Duncan Tummy Tickles/Why Did We Say Goodbye  ?/61
317 Faye Reis My Lover Boy/Your Fool 6/61
318 Eddie Lamaire You And I Against The World/I Want You  ?/61
319 The Sensationals The City Sleeps/It Wouldn't Be The Same (Without You)  ?/61
320 Cole Younger School Of Love/Broken Hearted Song  ?/61
321 Ralph I've Got It/Rugged Ralph The Rapid Rabbit  ?/61
322 Marc Cavell Hide And Seek/That's All I Want  ?/61
323 Bobby Williams Wonder If My Baby's Coming Home/Can't Let You See Me  ?/61
324 Jim Mitchum Lonely Birthday/Oh, What A Wonderful Feeling  ?/61
325 The Kelly Four Annie Had A Party/Sweet Angelina  ?/61
325 Big Daddy Deerfield and The Kelly Four Annie Had A Party/Sweet Angelina  ?/61
326 The Frogmen Beware Below/Tioga  ?/61
327 Sonny Wilson I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'/Troubled Time  ?/61
328 Lanny Duncan Don't Be Afraid To Cry/Thank You For Your Love  ?/61
329 Marc Cavell and The Classmates I Didn't Lie/I See It  ?/61
330 Bill Lyons That's All Right/Little Fool  ?/61
331 The Beach Boys Surfin'/Luau [#75][nb 2] 11/61
332 Faye Reis Red Haired Sally/Perfect Love 1/62
333 Gene Anderson You Got Something/Old Folks Party  ?/62
334 Bobby Lloyd Left All Alone / Our Love  ?/62
335 The Moongooners Moon Goon Stomp/The Long Trip 5/62
336 Skip Sodor Band Begin The Beguine/Work Out 5/62
337 (unknown)  ?/?  ?/62
338 Andy Belvin Walking The Blues/Prettiest Girl  ?/62
339 David Box If You Can't Say Something Nice/I've Had My Moments 8/62
340 Curtis Byrd Pretty Woman/Turn Some More Lights On  ?/62
341 Dean Beard The Day That I Lost You/Villa Acuna  ?/62


  1. ^ It's entirely possible that this release never existed.
  2. ^ "Surfin'" was also released in January 1962 on Candix 301: this was due either to a clerical error or to maintain continuity with the intervening X301 release of December 1961.