Candle in the Tomb (TV series)

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Candle in the Tomb
Candle in the Tomb.jpg
GenreAction, Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller
Based onGhost Blows Out the Light by Zhang Muye
Written byZhang Muye
Bai Yicong
Directed byKong Sheng
StarringJin Dong
Joe Chen
Zhao Da
Ending themeFlowing Down (顺流而下) by Jane Zhang
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes21
Producer(s)Hou Hongliang
Running time35 minutes
Production company(s)Daylight Entertainment
Tencent Penguin Pictures
Dream Author
Original networkTencent Video
Original release19 December 2016 (2016-12-19)

Candle in the Tomb (Chinese: 鬼吹灯之精绝古城) is a 2016 Chinese web series based on the novel Ghost Blows Out the Light. It is directed by Kong Sheng, produced by Hou Hongliang and stars Jin Dong, Joe Chen and Zhao Da.[1] It tells the story of a gang of tomb raiders as they go on adventures and unearth the truth behind a mysterious curse.[2] The drama aired 3 episodes every Monday at 20:00 on Tencent Video from 19 December 2016.

The series received acclaim for its exciting and fast-paced storyline, actors' performance as well as staying true to the novel.[3] It surpassed 200 million views in one day [4] and has over 1.6 billion views in total.[5]


Actor Character Description
Jin Dong
Hu Bayi
A former soldier who becomes a tomb raider by chance. He acquired specialized knowledge of tomb configuration through a book inherited from his family.
Joe Chen
Shirley Yang
American-born Chinese. A photographer for National Geographic. Resourceful and calm, she helps the group get out of dangerous situations.
Zhao Da
Wang Kaixuan
Bayi's former comrade and good friend.
Yue Yang
Big Golden Tooth
A businessman specializing in handling ancient artifacts.
Wang Yongquan
An Liman
Yang Xinming
Professor Chen
Feng Hui
Hao Aiguo
Kuang Muye
Sa Dipeng
Jin Zehao
Chu Jian
Fu Mei
Ye Yixin
Zhang Yishang
Ying Zi

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated Result Ref.
2017 2nd Golden Guduo Media Awards Most Influential Web Series Candle in the Tomb Won [6]
Best Director Kong Sheng Won
2nd Asia New Media Film Festival Jury Grand Prize Candle in the Tomb Won [7]
Most Popular Web Series Won


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