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A candle extinguisher in use

A candle snuffer is an instrument used to extinguish burning candles.[1] This may be either a (candle)snuffer (a scissor-like device with two flat blades)[2] or an extinguisher (a small cone at the end of a handle).[3] The term 'candlesnuffer' or 'snuffer' is also sometimes used to describe what was formerly known as an extinguisher.[2]

The scissor-like tool could be used to trim the wick of a candle. With skill, this could be done without extinguishing the flame. A small receptacle catches the trimmed bit of wick. This tool was rendered obsolete by the invention of self-snuffing wicks, which curl out of the flame when charred. This allows excess wick to burn away, preventing the wick from becoming too long.

The use of a douter helps to avoid problems associated with blowing hot wax. Extinguishers are still commonly used in homes and churches.


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