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September 2013 issue of Candour

Candour is a British far right-wing magazine and offshoot website founded and edited by A. K. Chesterton until 1973 then edited by R. de Bouneville until 1999, both until they died, and published intermittently since then under dormant editor-in-chief Colin Todd. It has a separate webmaster. It began as the periodical of the League of Empire Loyalists. Sharing a generous and somewhat eccentric key benefactor it rapidly was produced on a weekly basis, dropped to 8-10 issues per year from 1999 until 2017 and since August 2018 has not been written. Shaun Surplus in Australia promotes and discusses the publication in a weekly Candour Hour series on repeat-heavy, sometimes white supremacist Where Thought is Free internet radio, broadcast in the Alpines of Australia and upstate New York. Since 1996 its owning trust's objects are “to promote and expound the principles of A.K. Chesterton which are defined as being to demonstrate the power of, and to combat the power [elsewhere called by its publisher "menace"] of International Finance, and to promote the National Sovereignty of the British World".[1] It adds a further aim of the magazine is to serve as a link between Britons all over the world in protest against the surrender of their world heritage.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Candour was founded in 1953 as the successor to Truth newspaper of which he had been deputy editor. Truth had been acquired by the Staples Press, who insisted on a new editorial policy and as a result Chesterton resigned.

Chesterton issued a statement "Truth has been murdered" and asked his readers for backing for a new journal in the style of the old Truth.

The initial response was not enthusiastic and the idea might have been still-born had it not been for a friendship struck up by Chesterton.[2] This resulted in £10,000s received from R. K. Jeffery, a Chile, London, Jersey then returned Chile millionnaire who made a fortune with brothers in Chile's sodium nitrate resources but for many years exiled himself in a dispute with ex-President Arturo Alessandri. He was an eccentric: he almost left his fortune to Chesterton; he allegedly kept a bath full of walnuts in case of a shortage; he reputedly used wine in fountains on holidays; he kept his savings in gold; he believing interest-bearing savings were immoral. Other backing followed and Candour was produced then published on 30 October 1953.

Candour was intended to "serve as a link between Britons all over the world in protest against the surrender of their world heritage."[attribution needed]

After Chesterton's death, Candour was edited by Rosine de Bounevialle until her own death in 1999.

It continues to be published irregularly, last in August 2018.[3] It operates mainly by subscription and is out of stock on its website.[3]


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