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Single by Koda Kumi
from the album Best: Second Session
Released January 18, 2006 (JP)
Format CD
Recorded 2005
Genre J-pop, R&B
Length 8:30
Label Rhythm Zone
RZCD-45308 (Japan, CD)
SM Entertainment
SMJTCD-095 (Korea, CD)
Koda Kumi singles chronology
"No Regret"

Candy feat. Mr. Blistah is the seventh single of the 12 Singles Collection by Japanese artist Kumi Koda. Like most of the other singles in the collection, the single was limited to 50,000 copies.[1] The single peaked at #3 on Oricon and charted for seven weeks.[2]


Candy feat. Mr. Blistah is Japanese singer-songwriter Kumi Koda's seventh single in her 12 Singles Collection. The single ranked at #3 on Oricon and, despite being another release limited to 50,000 copies, charted for seven weeks.

Kumi worked closely with rapper Mr. Blistah, from the rap duo CLENCH & BLISTAH, for the song's lyrics. This was the second time the two worked together. She had worked with both Mr. Blistah and Clench on the introduction for her second studio album, grow into one.[3]

Though being the seventh single in the collection, the music video was the prelude to the story-line videos you, Lies and feel.

As with the other singles, both the back cover and the obi strip were a piece to a puzzle, which could only be completed after collecting all twelve singles in the collection.

Music Video[edit]

The music video for the song was the first in the story-line driven videos, leading into you, Lies, feel and, ultimately, Someday/Boys♥Girls.

Unlike the other music videos, Candy feat. Mr. Blistah carried the theme of a wealthy prince from the Underworld, played by Mr. Blistah, attempting to buy the affection and love of the princess of the sky, played by Kumi, who had no desire of love or power. He attempts to seduce her by giving her the powers of fires and ice, but ultimately fails. Dissatisfied, the princess travels to Earth and splits herself into several different personas to find what love is and why it is considered special.

This leads her to the loves from the next videos.


Each of the twelve singles' covers represent a traditional dress from a culture. This single's cover represents an African theme, as Africa is actually a large continent with many different cultures.

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Candy feat. Mr. Blistah" Kumi Koda • Mr. Blistah Daisuke "D.I" Imai Daisuke "D.I" Imai 4:15
2. "Candy feat. Mr. Blistah" (Instrumental)   Daisuke "D.I" Imai Daisuke "D.I" Imai 4:15

Chart statistics[edit]

Chart (2006) Peak
Oricon Weekly Single 200 3
Oricon Daily Single 50 2
Oricon Tracks Chart 5


  • Initial week estimate: 39,110
  • Total estimate: 47,856

Alternate Versions[edit]

Candy feat. Mr. Blistah

  1. Candy feat. Mr. Blistah: Found on the single and corresponding album BEST ~second session~ (2006)
  2. Candy feat. Mr. Blistah [Instrumental]: Found on the single (2006)
  3. Candy feat. Mr. Blistah [MJ Mad Reggaeton remix]: Found on KODA KUMI REMIX ALBUM (2006)


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