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Candy Hsu
A black-haired girl sings while holding a microphone with both hands.
Candy Hsu performing on April 26, 2008
Background information
Chinese name 許雅涵 (traditional)
Chinese name 许雅涵 (simplified)
Pinyin Xǔ Yǎhán (Mandarin)
Born (1998-02-10) February 10, 1998 (age 20)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Other names Candy,
Candy Xu,
Xu Yahan,
Xu Ya Han
Origin Taiwan
Occupation Singer-songwriter, actress, record producer
Years active 2008–present
Genre(s) Mandopop, bossa nova
Instrument(s) Vocals, piano, saxophone
Label(s) Avex Taiwan, Pure Music
2006 Chunghwa Telecom MOD Star Contest (winner)

Candy Hsu (Chinese: 許雅涵; pinyin: Xǔ Yǎhán, born February 10, 1998 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, actress and record producer. She writes, composes her own songs, and plays many instruments including piano and saxophone.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Candy Hsu's parents are professional musicians.[3]

In 2006, 8-year-old Candy entered a singer-songwriter contest with the song "Vanilla Kitty", that she composed at the age of 6, in 2004.[2] The large competition, called Chunghwa Telecom MOD Star Contest, made her a star. After the 6 long months of preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, Candy Hsu was declared winner.[3]

Candy's first official album, also entitled "Vanilla Kitty", was released by Avex Taiwan[7] on February 29, 2008.[1] All the songs on the album were written by her.[1] "Vanilla Kitty" topped sales charts.[1]

In January 2012, Candy Hsu started filming in her debut movie, Kidnapping of a Big Star (Chinese: 绑架大明星; pinyin: Bǎngjià Dà Míngxīng), directed by Zhang Jiabei, notably the director of Midnight Beating. She has a leading role in it, playing alongside Daniel Chan and Kristy Yeung.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20]

As of September 2012, she was endorsing the trade fair Music China Shanghai (Chinese: 上海音樂節),[21] that would take place from October 11 to 14.



  1. Vanilla Kitty (Chinese: 香草咪咪; pinyin: Xiāngcǎo Mīmī) (Avex Taiwan, February 29, 2008)
  2. Angel (Chinese: 天使; pinyin: Tiānshǐ) (Pure Music, July 15, 2010)


  • "Yongyuan De Chengnuo" (Chinese: 永遠的承諾; pinyin: Yǒngyuǎn De Chéngnuò) (with Devin Wu (Chinese: 吳佩珊; pinyin: Wú Pèishān)) (Pure Music, July 4, 2011)

Music videos[edit]

  • "Candy Box"
  • "Vanilla Kitty" (Chinese: 香草咪咪; pinyin: Xiāngcǎo Mīmī)
  • "Xingfu De Maopao" (Chinese: 幸福得冒泡; pinyin: Xìngfú De Màopào; literally: "So Happy It's Bubbling[2]")
  • "Tianshi Zhi Lian" (Chinese: 天使之戀; pinyin: Tiānshǐ Zhī Liàn; literally: "Angel Love")
  • "Sui Boli" (Chinese: 碎玻璃; pinyin: Suì Bōlí; literally: "Broken Glass")
  • "Ya Da Di"
  • "Yongyuan De Chengnuo" (Chinese: 永遠的承諾; pinyin: Yǒngyuǎn De Chéngnuò)



Year Title Role Notes
2008 My So-called Love (Chinese: 愛的、發聲練習; pinyin: Ài de fāshēng liànxí) (IMDb) Cat (Barbie Shu's character) as a child Released in Taiwan on November 21, 2008
2013 Kidnapping of a Big Star (Chinese: 綁架大明星; pinyin: Bǎngjià dà míngxīng) (IMDb) Gao Xiao-chan (the main heroine) Released in China on July 12, 2013


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